How Tomozaki Becomes my Favorite Loner (From Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki)

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki's Main Protagonist, Tomozaki

When I saw the premise of Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki, I felt a bit… iffy. Reading the synopsis gave me the impression that the show is going to be some kind of self-help guide for lonely nerds where a girl helps a guy in order to be the most popular normie at school. I was worried that would be a certain vapidity in the proceeding. Now that I’ve watched the show, well, the show is technically what the synopsis said, but also something more.

More importantly it kind of cements Tomozaki as my favorite loner type characters. This is largely due to his honesty and earnestness which can be seen in the way he ties his motivation to his gamer identity.

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Oregairu and Me in Retrospect

Few months really late, but it has recently come to my attention that Oregairu‘s final volume was finally published after a long hiatus (Thanks again Frog-kun for the summary!).

First off, wow! It’s finally over! Second, I can’t believe it’s almost been about five to six years since I first watched the anime. I once wrote a post about the series, but it was so amateurish and cringey that I am really embarrassed to share the link here.

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On Coping With Loneliness: Naruto and Hachiman


I may or may not have occasionally mention it on this blog, but I’m a person with a……sort of a troubled childhood. The greatest thing I hate about myself at the time (but I don’t actually aware) is my own social awkwardness and lack of social skill in general. I stumbled in just normal conversation. I can’t look at people in the eye when talking and….don’t even let me get to girls. I’m nervous as hell around them.

All of that results in me having little friends and not much in terms of social circle. Thankfully, I decided to get myself a therapy in high school and got better, but I still couldn’t socialize with certain types of people.

In those days I’m always longed to be noticed by others, and to a degree, to become one of those popular socialite (despite the fact it didn’t fit my image). But most importantly, to have someone alongside me that could understood me and go into tough times together. A best friend, you could call it. I used to had one (or at least, I think I do) but we rarely speak after sometime.

Of course, when real life aren’t forgiving, I ran into the world of fiction. It was then that I ran into two different characters that has the same problem as I am which I could very much resonate with. Naruto and Hachiman

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