Why do We Love Giant Robot? (Food for Thoughts)

I was watching the episode 5 of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken the other day and it got me really thinking: Why do we love giant robot?

As the episode demonstrate, large humanoid robot, while it can be realistic (give humanity enough time and we can basically invent anything), it is not exactly practical. In a scenario in which humanity is confronted with massive-scale monsters, it is more likely that our real-life military will simply deploy a more advance tanks instead of large robots. Concrete Revolutio is also another anime that pointed out the unpracticality of a giant robot for the purpose of engaging the enemy.

The boring answer to that, of course, is because it is cool, something that the robot club president in the Eizouken episode essentially admit to himself near the end. But I find that answer unsatisfying.

Yes it can be cool. But why it can be cool?

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