The Spectrum of Love (Fate/Grand Order’s Ooku’s Analysis)

The arrival of the Tokugawa’s Restoration Labyrinth: Ooku, one of Fate/Grand Order’s event, marked what I would like to dub as the conclusion of the Sakura trilogy in the Fate franchise, which was started with Heaven’s Feel in Fate/Stay Night, and continued in Fate/Extra CCC. I say this not just because the way the three chapters all starred some variation of Sakura (because Fate is weird like that), but also because they are, in some ways, involve a thematical portrayal of love. In Heaven’s Feel, the protagonist Shirou wrestled with choosing his ideals over his love, Sakura. In CCC, BB, The Alter Egos, and Kiara, represented a very twisted versions of love.

Fate/Grand Order’s Ooku more or less continued the tradition set by CCC in having the characters embodied a whole spectrum of love. The characters in this case are Kiara, Kama, and Kasuga-no-Tsubone.

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Why Fate/Grand Order is My Favorite Fate Entry

Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt Servants

I’ve mentioned a while back in my Heaven’s Feel review that I’ve always been a casual Fate fans. Somebody who can generally appreciate, but not in love with, the Fate franchise. Heaven’s Feel is the entry that really made me see how the property is so beloved.

Fate/Grand Order though? It’s probably the entry that made me a fan. This mostly comes down to its quirky ensemble of characters, the expansion of the franchise’s setting/story, and also its uses of Fate’s brand of self-deprecating humor.

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I Have Few Thoughts to Share on Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower

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(Warning. Slight spoiler alert)

When it comes to the Fate franchise, I have always considered myself a casual fan. My first exposure to the franchise was when I watched scattered episodes of Deen’s Fate/Stay Night on my cable TV (Back when I still watch TV. Internet and video game is everything I need nowadays). I remember that I enjoyed the anime, despite some criticism from the fandom regarding its adaptational choice. What I like about that anime basically sums up the entire appeal of the franchise for me. Some cool shonen action, likeable characters, interesting flesh-out world of magic, and the meta-textual appeal of seeing famous mythical/historical figure interpreted into an anime character.

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