The Spectrum of Love (Fate/Grand Order’s Ooku’s Analysis)

The arrival of the Tokugawa’s Restoration Labyrinth: Ooku, one of Fate/Grand Order’s event, marked what I would like to dub as the conclusion of the Sakura trilogy in the Fate franchise, which was started with Heaven’s Feel in Fate/Stay Night, and continued in Fate/Extra CCC. I say this not just because the way the three chapters all starred some variation of Sakura (because Fate is weird like that), but also because they are, in some ways, involve a thematical portrayal of love. In Heaven’s Feel, the protagonist Shirou wrestled with choosing his ideals over his love, Sakura. In CCC, BB, The Alter Egos, and Kiara, represented a very twisted versions of love.

Fate/Grand Order’s Ooku more or less continued the tradition set by CCC in having the characters embodied a whole spectrum of love. The characters in this case are Kiara, Kama, and Kasuga-no-Tsubone.

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What’s in a Fight: Netero vs Meruem (Hunter x Hunter’s Analysis)

Action has always been one of my favorite genre in action (if it’s done well). At their best, they are basically a physical of storytelling with the climax of a fight mirror emotional catharsis of the characters. To an outside observer, making bunch of people hit each other may seem simple, but there’s an elegant construction in any great fight scene. Film Crit Hulk lay out all the elements of a good action in his Mission Impossible video: It needs objectives, stakes, obstacles, and wrinkles (among others).

With that said, in this post, I want to analyze one particular fight in Hunter x Hunter that I’ve been thinking about using those elements that Hulk was talking about above: Specifically the fight between Netero and Meruem in the Chimera Ant arc.

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Moving On from the Past (An Analysis of Lelouch of the Re;surrection)

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection poster

I finally have the chance to watch the entirety of Code Geass, including the Lelouch of the Re;surrection movie, within the last week (I have to thank Netflix and Anione on that one). With the movie in particular, I worried that the whole thing is going to be a lazy fanservice, where the strength of the narrative only comes in allowing fans to see their favorite characters once again. To my surprise, Lelouch of the Re;surrection is probably the best kind of fanservice. Not only did it captures the key strength of the original series (coherent action set pieces, strong ensemble), it also actually has a theme that felt mostly cohesive with a complete arc.

That theme is moving on from the past.

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Walking Down the Shore (A Short Story)

Much of my life feels like strolling down sunset-lit beach all by myself. In the horizon, I can see crowds of people tending and minding their own businesses; mostly busy entertaining themselves. Their cheers and their scream of amusement reached my ears, but otherwise, their conducts are isolated from my own activity. Within the confines of my reality, they’re just background, a cacophony of noises.

My solitary activity is interrupted with some occasional accompaniment of assorted loved ones. We walk, talk, laugh with each other; just generally try to make the best use of our time together until we part ways. Either because the other party has other matters to attend to or because of the ultimate fate of our transient existence.

Beyond the presence of companions however, my journey is also sometimes interrupted by a certain visit.

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How Tomozaki Becomes my Favorite Loner (From Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki)

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki's Main Protagonist, Tomozaki

When I saw the premise of Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki, I felt a bit… iffy. Reading the synopsis gave me the impression that the show is going to be some kind of self-help guide for lonely nerds where a girl helps a guy in order to be the most popular normie at school. I was worried that would be a certain vapidity in the proceeding. Now that I’ve watched the show, well, the show is technically what the synopsis said, but also something more.

More importantly it kind of cements Tomozaki as my favorite loner type characters. This is largely due to his honesty and earnestness which can be seen in the way he ties his motivation to his gamer identity.

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