Twelve Days of Anime Characters(#1): Alfonso San Valiante

Hello again people!

I know its been a while since I’ve worked on a post and……I’m not gonna make an excuse on that front. But lets just say,  real life and bunch of other things happened. In fact I’ve even considered on not doing twelve days posts, but, well…….here I am, I guess!

But anyway, twelve days!

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Twelve Days of DAL (#11): The LN Part III

Volume 8

DAL v8 cov.jpg

Interestingly, this is the part where DAL became one part mystery and one part dates. Anyway, the short version is the new Spirit, Natsumi, decided to use her power to disguise herself into one of Shido’s acquaintances. If Shido failed to guess whom Natsumi disguise herself as, she’ll make all of them disappeared. In order to determine who it is, the Fraxinus crew decided to make Shido go on a date with each candidate and try inspect each of them if one of them behave out of character.

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Twelve Days of DAL (#7): Thematic Point

On this post, i’ll talk about some potential of this series having a thematic point.

Now normally, you don’t associated the word “theme” with the harem genre. Not sure you put them in a same sentences without the word “didn’t have” either. And frankly, not why i watched this series in the first place (a friendly reminder that there is plot in this series).

Buuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttt after some analysis, i think i got something.

Of course there’s already who argue that DAL has something to say about love. Cute, but i don’t think it’s quite it.

So in order to find out if there’s any semblance of thematic point this series is going for, lets take a look at the series main gimmick and selling point.

The VN/Dating Sim parody.

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Twelve Days of DAL (#6): The Characters Part III

V. Kotori Itsuka

The little sister. The best way i could say about Kotori’s personality was that she’s bipolar (not in actual medical sense of course). When wearing her white ribbon, she’s the personification of every little sister fantasy out there. Cute, easily scared and reliant toward her brother. But when she put on her black ribbon, she’s bossy, haughty and somewhat a bit of a tsundere. Read More

Twelve Days of DAL (#5): The Characters Part II

Okay, this time i am going to talk about the meat of this series, the girls. For realsies.

Like i said before, the girls are largely archetype. However, i liked the fact on it was used in a quite different context, so they feels quite different. And to some degree the girls do have independence’s and not solely define around being in loved with Shido. In fact, there are quite couple of times where the girls actually help him.

I am only going to go over their general personality and perhaps touched upon some interesting thing i found about them.

Oh yeah, just a bit of a warning, there’s probably a potential spoiler, so proceed with caution.

And with that, lets get into it.

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