Twelve Days of Anime Characters(#1): Alfonso San Valiante

Hello again people!

I know its been a while since I’ve worked on a post and……I’m not gonna make an excuse on that front. But lets just say,  real life and bunch of other things happened. In fact I’ve even considered on not doing twelve days posts, but, well…….here I am, I guess!

But anyway, twelve days!

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Twelve Days of DAL (#5): The Characters Part II

Okay, this time i am going to talk about the meat of this series, the girls. For realsies.

Like i said before, the girls are largely archetype. However, i liked the fact on it was used in a quite different context, so they feels quite different. And to some degree the girls do have independence’s and not solely define around being in loved with Shido. In fact, there are quite couple of times where the girls actually help him.

I am only going to go over their general personality and perhaps touched upon some interesting thing i found about them.

Oh yeah, just a bit of a warning, there’s probably a potential spoiler, so proceed with caution.

And with that, lets get into it.

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Twelve Days of DAL (#4): The Characters Part I

All right, this time around, i am going to talk about some of the characters of this series.

As you know, DAL is still a harem series. Harem series main purposes has always been about the girls and the fanservice that they provide for all those male audiences out there. They live or die based upon the prettiness and the quirks of the girls. They are what male fantasy supposed to be.

In other words, the more hotter, cuter and likeable the heroines are, the better.

So lets talk about the main male lead!

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Twelve Days of Anime (#2): The Reveal

Okay, i think its time to reveal what is the series i am talking about on earlier post.

Keep in mind this is only going to be the reveal of the series that i am going talk about. The “analysis” and the thought i had about the series itself will begin starting next post (a bit cheating, i know). Hopefully, i’ll be able to articulate clearly why i find myself interested with this series and also you’ll understand my point of view.

All right, you guys ready? Are you excited? Are you hyped? Because this is going to be the series i am going to talk about for the next ten day or so.

Well, here it is…!

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Twelve Days of Anime (#1): Introduction

For whatever reason on aniblogsphere, there seems to be a tradition of posting twelve post consecutively throughout December up until Christmas. Being a person that has nothing better to do instead of contribute something to society, i decided to join in on the fun 🙂

But what i ask myself? What will i post throughout those twelve days?

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