My Very First Adventure: A Pokemon Fanfic

Welp, two months passed since my last post. No particular reason for this, just that I kind of lost drive to post anything here. I do still want to post, but I don’t get much inspiration (the fact that I haven’t been following the current anime season doesn’t help).

Fortunately, I haven’t stop writing because of class. In fact, I’m proud to say that my writing may have improve quite a bit over the past months. Just this week alone, I entered a fanfic competition held by the writing community in my major aaaandddd I won! Granted, some of the senpai who’s really good at writing doesn’t seem to be entering and the participant, I suspect, is not exactly a lot. But for now, winning is enough for me.

So anyway, for this post I’m going to share you my entry. I figured that the series that I have create story out of should be something that’s universal and everybody already know, so what the heck, I went with Pokemon (this decision may have been influenced by my recent obsession with Pokemon). For the story, I decided to go with something that’s simple, but emotional. Enjoy!

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Drangleic Exploration Journal

My name is Slaine, a falconer knight from Volgen.

I said this first because the things I’ve experienced and I’m about to experience in this cursed land may render me unable to remember my own name. Much of my childhood memory are already obscure in my head. Worst case, I may well not going to remember my very being and self. So I want to pronounce it as much as possible.

Perhaps this also applies to why I started writing a bloody mini journal now about what my experience here. I usually avoid them since I always thought they were some form of narcissism.

I suppose I should started from the beginning for why am I here.

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