Hello and welcome!

My name is Namhur. A student and just pretty much just your regular anime fan.

As it says on the tin, this blog is pretty much my general random thought about fiction (mostly anime related), real life and intersection/relationship between the two. I’ve always found our relationship and the way we interact with the media/fiction we consume to be fascinating and interesting. While some of us only regard fiction as nothing more than a pass time, it’s undeniable how our culture was strongly influenced by it. In a way, while they may not be a full picture of our identity, its definitely a reflection of our own psyche and condition.

Because of it, i think its important for us to be more aware and be critical toward media that we consume, for enrichment and betterment of our everyday life. Hopefully what i posted here will be a somewhat small step to reach for that goal.

I mostly inspired to do this after lurking around a bunch of aniblog and i decided to do blogging myself because…….i don’t know, it looks fun i guess. And just like so many random John Doe on the vast sea of internet, i want my voice to be heard. Don’t know how my passion and spirit on doing this will last, but i’ll keep pushing it through as much as i can.

You can also try to reach/contact me here:
Email: namhurildaf@gmail.com

Twitter: @namhuril

MAL: myanimelist.net/profile/Namhur

Ask.fm: Ask.fm/Namhur

Anyway be seeing you around 🙂



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  3. YahariBento · March 21, 2016

    hehe I kind of understand your feeling when decided to make a blog.
    could I follow you? Your blog about YuigahamaxHachiman is good and mine doing Oregairu analysis as well.


    because of my inspiration only.


    • Namhur · March 22, 2016

      By all means, go ahead and click that follow button! 😀


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