Powerful Men and Their Ego: Thunderbolt Fantasy

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With the current political climate as it is, what’s with the presence of Donald Trump and the #MeToo incidents, it is safe to say that human beings will do anything to sate their ego.

Its hard not to see why. Pleasing your ego feels good, whether it is through exerting or gaining power over others or loudly pronouncing your talent and your existence to the world. Especially if you are people in power where you don’t have to get your comeuppance for your wrongdoing because of your privilege. And it is easy to see it as the only thing that matters in life.

Ultimately however, it is a harmful illusion. Not just for the people over around you, but also how empty it all ultimately is.

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What’s with All of These Gritty Dark Gritty Magical Girl Anime?


Magical Girl Site is one of many anime coming out on spring this year. The anime is another entry in the pantheon of Gritty Dark Magical Girl Anime (hereby abbreviated as GDMGA for convenience sake and my own personal amusement) that has been long popularized by the anime Madoka Magica following the footsteps of its brethren such as Magical Girl Raising Project and Daybreak Illusion.

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