I Officially Published A Web-Novel!


Yeah, that title is pretty self explanatory.

It’s been more or less three months since I last wrote here and that’s (half) of the reason why. There’s an online webcomic platform that’s accepting a webnovel submission and I submitted my draft three months ago. It got accepted and I got myself a contract to submit five chapter every month while new chapter is uploaded every week (so kind of like a weekly manga magazine type of deal?). After much delay, the webnovel is finally uploaded just yesterday. It’s not exactly a “formal” novel, but hey it’s one step!

The cover is as you can see above you. To be honest, I was half expecting to be something along the lines of a light novel/anime cover, but I suppose it’ll do.

Here’s the synopsis translated by yours truly:

Being a teenager is difficult. Every day is a constant juggle between academic pursuit, social life, and succeeding your parents expectation. Even more hard when you live in Ciliwung, a city that has become the center for all sorts of mystical activities since the ancient time. Krisna, Romi, and Nana are three teenagers living in that city while also acting as it’s guardian against various forces of darkness. This is their everyday life of slaying demons and surviving hell known as puberty.

Admittedly, it’s a pretty basic set-up. I was aiming for Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esque fantasy meets slice of life type of story while mixing my own sensibilities. I also aiming for a naturalistic/grounded kind of vibe, but it ended up being more fantastical than what I visioned it to be.

I had to say though, being an author is HARD. Not only it’s difficult coming up and outlining story idea while deadline is breathing down your neck, there’s sometimes a revulsion that I feel whenever I type some words in. Almost every day I’m plague with the thought that my story isn’t good enough and that people wouldn’t like it. Plus I find it painful to look at my past work. But hey, a works a work I guess.

Anywho, that’s it. Since I aim to at least wrote 500 words every day for my story, it’s gonna be difficult for me to do that while trying to write something for this blog. But hey who knows, maybe when I’m feeling really good…..

See you whenever!

Side Note:

  • The novel was published over at Blackberry Messenger App. Unfortunately, I wrote the story in Indonese so some of you won’t be able to read it.
  • The title is “Ghost Story” since I’m reaaaaly bad at coming up with titles. It was initially “Night Parade” but i dropped it since the vibe is kind of wrong. Maybe some of you can help me?
  • I have to say, watching Re:Creators this season really boost my spirit! I really dig in it’s exploration of creative process. It’s hard, but it’s so worth it.
  • As I type in the words “being an author”, I feel disgusted at myself.
  • Speaking of which, Fiction Realm is nearing its third anniversary soon so consider this post a replacement for my annual anniversary post!