Konosuba Season 2 Episode 1 Impression

Happy New Year everyone! Lets get started.

Konosuba2 1.1.png

I’ll be honest, I never expect we’re getting Konosuba season 2. I enjoyed the first season enough (as reviewed here), but I expect the series to have something akin more to niche fandom, rather than large enough demand for another season. I’m not complaining though, new shows that I am interested in this season are pretty much countable with one hand. Shows with breezy comfy atmosphere like Konosuba is always a welcome.

But okay, Konosuba season 2. If you have read my review of season 1, I don’t think I need to reiterate much about what I find enjoyable about Konosuba, and after assessing the premiere, I don’t think there’s going to be much change in the overall dynamic and execution. Kazuma is still a jerk and face-palming to everything, and the three of the heroines are still an idiot, but that’s kind of part of the series charm, that is, watching this scrappy group of idiots failing so hard in (another) life and pretty much scrap by in day-to-day basis.

One of the most thing that I appreciate about Konosuba is the fact there’s always a certain degree of narrative progression and continuity. There’s cause and effect and things never happened in a weird isolated space. This premiere alone start off right after the end of season 1 where Kazuma ended up under arrest and put on trial after he accidentally blew up a lord’s house. True to Konosuba fashion, pretty much nobody decides to defend him (initially at least). In most shows, that ending are probably just going to be passed off as “Well, that happened”, but in Konosuba, it gets full blown an episode treatment and even a potential arc on it’s own.  Heck, by the end of the episode, the mansion that the gang work hard to acquire last season is pretty much stripped bare.

Apart from the fact that the trial and the interrogation process serves as nice semi-recap on it’s own, I like how every action Kazuma’s done thus far pretty much comes back to hound him. It also makes me realize that, divorce from comedic context, Kazuma really is the worst.

Konosuba2 1.2.png

Speaking of Kazuma, I found quite surprising that he, wait for it, get’s a certain degree of development. Well, kind of. He’s still a jerk, but by the start of the season, he becomes more of an ass than usual, shown when he more or less bully an authority when he (almost) in the clear during the interrogation. Given the fact what he been through in the first season, it’s not really much of a surprise.

Apart from the narrative front, man that character design. Konosuba’s aesthetic has never been the most graceful, but the jerkiness of it really helped sells the comedy. But in this second season, the animators seems to pretty much said “Eh, screw it” and decided that nobody should be on model ever. And for Konosuba, it works! I mean it’s ugly to look at in stills, but apart from the jerky appeal, it makes for wondrous expressions and animations.

Soooo, that’s pretty much Konosuba’s 2 premiere. While most things staying the same are kind of a disappointment but a given, I think I’m going to enjoy this ride.

Side Note:

  • Oh man, Aqua’s cry at the end of the episode, that is just gold. I think I’m going to listen to it several times before I go to bed tonight

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