So I’ve Read Animal Farm

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Well, I suppose this is the first time that I reviewed a book before. I have been meaning to do it for a while, but I just don’t have the creative spark to do it. This third reading assignment of my Literature class however, provide me a semblance of will to do so. So well, here we go.

Anyway, Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, chronicles the uprising and rebellion of the animals in the fictional Manor Farm. While the animals are establishing their kingdom, as time passed, they began to be enslaved once more by their appointed leader, Napoleon. If you have read/seen “The oppressed become the oppressor” narrative before, then you probably won’t get much out of Animal Farm because it’s pretty much that exact same story. The message here however, are much more explicitly told with the inclusion of animals, because hey, what better way to portray the populist than as a literal farm animals am I right?

To the book credit, it did provide a few insight regarding how a leader like Napoleon came to power. Mostly it was because, the novel argued, of the ignorant masses, both out of stupidity and denial, both ignorance of their leader decision and their actual surrounding circumstances. And a good deal of the book doesn’t make the evilness of the new tyrant apparent by narrowing the narration through the perspective of the animals.

Reading Animal Farm is often a very dry experience. Most of the story are conveyed through third person POV with little dialogue and insight into the characters headspace. When reading the book, I feel like I’m only observing event as it happened, I didn’t feel particularly connected to the characters and their circumstances. There are certainly characters worth following in this novel, from the loner cynic Benjamin, the motherly idealist Clover, to the earnest hardworker Boxer, but the way the story was conveyed prevented me from really engaging with the characters. I have a suspicion that this choice was made to fit the length (Animal Farm is a pretty short book), but it was just a mere speculation.

So, in summary that’s Animal Farm. The book is certainly an experience, but it’s not exactly an experience I can wholly recommend.

Side Note:

  • I’ve also watched the animated adaptation and boy, I cannot stop shipping Boxer and Benjamin
  • Happy New Year!

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