Inside Out: A Love Letter

Ever since childhood, my social situation isn’t exactly the best. This is something that I already mentioned in my Naruto and Hachiman comparison post that I made a while back. The general problem was that I’m socially awkward and I don’t feel belong within the major social circle in my school, mainly because of differing interest in life. Problem which still haunts me even now.

Of course, the go to person for me to talk to whenever I feel down about all of this, or just whenever I feel depressed in general, was my parents back then, often in tears. My mother more specifically since she’s also been in the same situation as me when she was in college.

She’d often opt to lecture me every time I did that, often with an intense voice instead of a calm one, and her advice are always the same whenever I talk to her about it. “Don’t think too hard about it, school isn’t about making friends” she said, “You have to hold on” she said. Basically, she wants me to be strong, whatever that means.

Her advices aren’t exactly wrong. Life always has its down moments in store for us. The best thing we can do whenever that happened is to stay optimistic and just go through it right?

It’s a good advice…..but it’s just not what I want.

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