Grimgar: Walking Together

Grimgar 6.1

If you been following my tweet, you know that I’m currently in the process of returning into my Uni after I, eh, ran away half a year ago.

So far, it hasn’t been easy. My lack of social skill cripples me. For some reason, just a simple conversation with my fellow major was proven to be a tough challenge for me. I could manage some idle chatter like homework or class, but it never goes off beyond that, which made me frustrated even more.

When I confessed all of this to one of my fellow major (which may or may not involve tears), he also said that all of them are also confused in how are they going integrate me into them. The fact that I’ve been quiet and closed doesn’t make things easier for them either, even though in reality I’m just as clueless on how to deal with them.

By the end, he said that he’ll talk once again with my fellow majors on how to handle my situation.

Although, up to this point I had no idea what they can do to help me.

After losing Manato due to ambush, Haru and his group recruited Mary to fill the Priest role in their party. Mary doesn’t make the best companion. She rarely cooperate, only heal when it’s really necessary, and not one for conversation. Haru’s party confused on how to handle this, all the while still coping with the loss of their leader.

Still, it’s clear to them and to us, the audience, that Mary share a burden of her own, which prompted Haru to spoke with the leader of her former guild. Even after they learn Mary’s past, they’re still clueless on how to confront her. Its not like they could just walk up to her and said “We learn about your backstory, lets be friends!” Ranta even almost gave up with letting Mary into their group since there’s no effort done on Mary’s end to even become friends with them. Nonetheless, the group persist in trying to cooperate with Mary.

Haru then, decided on something. The next morning, he talk things out with Mary. He let her know about Manato, the Priest they once had, how he is, how they met, how they came together as friends and how they lost him, which ended with his declaration, along with everyone else, that he thought of Mary as a friend. By doing this, Haru managed to, without letting Mary know that they know about her past, that he and his friends also share a baggage of their own and let her know that she’s not alone on her struggle, that she has friends she could count on.

The rest of episode after that scene was Haru’s party passing through days, getting used to killing goblins while slowly integrating Mary into their group. From trying to ask her into joining their group activity to Ranta including her into their conversation. Mary are also slowly opening to them with her finally having dinner with them together and let them know what she knows about goblins. She’s still somewhat recluse, but she and Haru’s party are still trying. To get to know each other better, to lift each other baggage, to walk……together.

Side Note:

  • Grimgar has been really good so far, go watch it.


  1. Kai · March 7, 2016

    They’re really taking their time with Mary, like literally baby steps. They took like few episodes just to get Mary to have dinner with them. Not to say I hate it though, people don’t change that fast IRL and I particularly like the slow focus in the anime.


    • Namhur · March 7, 2016

      Yeah, Mary’s integration was slow. That’s why I like it.


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