So, I’ve Watched Konosuba

Fantasy series that involved, in one way or another, a protagonist from our world who struggles in a, well, fantasy universe tends to signal a warning light in my head. Even more so when said fantasy universe was deeply inspired by MMO mechanic. Stories of such nature, while not only has been prevalent in the industry in this post-SAO world, is something that I don’t associate with good-storytelling. There has been some exceptions, like last year decent-but-not-too-remarkable Danmachi and this season slice-of-life focused MMO anime Grimgar. But on the whole, I remained skeptical in a story with this sort-of premise.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, or Konosuba, however, thankfully rebuked my earlier expectation that it’s going to be another bland entry to the fantasy-mmo genre. And while it’s comedic-centric conceit is a fresh of breath air, unfortunately, I can’t say that it’s a particularly noteworthy entry either.

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My Personal Favorite Digimon Episodes

Just a few months ago, I’ve decided to rewatch the entirety of the original Digimon Adventure. On the whole it was….enjoyable but not exactly something I could recommend, at least not casually. It has highs, emotional resonance, engaging and also diverse main cast, and the love it receive from its fans are certainly understandable, but half the time its ranging from below average to solid but not remarkable. The entire production doesn’t help either. The background are nice, but the animation is often limited. The direction sometimes capable, sometimes its stale. One of the most engaging moment in the series are only when the episode focused on Digidestined internal struggle and with each other which……only came about halfway point of the show.

But, I’m not here to review Adventure. With the second part of Digimon Tri just came out, I thought this will be a good time for me to personally list my favorite episodes of the show. Spoiler alert, obviously. Although, if any of you who wanted to get into the franchise wondering if several highlight would be worth an entire watch, this would be those.

Also, when I said Digimon Adventure, I left out 02, because…..well, 02 isn’t particularly good. It has highlights, but on the whole it’s kind of a mess.

Anyway, in no particular order, the list!

(For the sake of convenience, I will be using the english title)

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Grimgar: Walking Together

Grimgar 6.1

If you been following my tweet, you know that I’m currently in the process of returning into my Uni after I, eh, ran away half a year ago.

So far, it hasn’t been easy. My lack of social skill cripples me. For some reason, just a simple conversation with my fellow major was proven to be a tough challenge for me. I could manage some idle chatter like homework or class, but it never goes off beyond that, which made me frustrated even more.

When I confessed all of this to one of my fellow major (which may or may not involve tears), he also said that all of them are also confused in how are they going integrate me into them. The fact that I’ve been quiet and closed doesn’t make things easier for them either, even though in reality I’m just as clueless on how to deal with them.

By the end, he said that he’ll talk once again with my fellow majors on how to handle my situation.

Although, up to this point I had no idea what they can do to help me.

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