Twelve Days of Anime Characters(#1): Alfonso San Valiante

Hello again people!

I know its been a while since I’ve worked on a post and……I’m not gonna make an excuse on that front. But lets just say,  real life and bunch of other things happened. In fact I’ve even considered on not doing twelve days posts, but, well…….here I am, I guess!

But anyway, twelve days!

As you all already know, the idea of twelve days of anime itself is inspired by Twelve Days of Christmas song. As a Muslim, I don’t celebrate Christmas and yet, I find it very odd why people still celebrate it when they aren’t that religious themselves.

If we’re going by the religious reason, the purpose for Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. But, as the time goes on, people just……sort of do it (though, you can argue it was to celebrate capitalism). The most popular reason being to celebrate the holiday are pretty much just to spend time with your loved ones, family, friends, lovers and so on.

And that’s just it, isn’t it? We as a human being are just very very, weird. We like to contradict ourselves, many of us liar in all sorts of way for varying reasons, we’re also very fond of doing things that doesn’t make sense logically.

But, that’s also why, personally speaking, I find us very compelling (Which is kind of weird thing to say since I’m a human being myself, which makes that statement sounds like self-praising)

And with that in mind, I decided to dedicate my entire twelve days series post to examined several anime characters that I found compelling over the past year.

To be honest, I’m not very keen when it comes to character writing and you might find that I like many of these character purely for superficial element, but I hope you can see where I come from with these characters!

So……….yeah, that’s it for the introduction. On to the first character!

Alfonso San Valiante

I suppose its only fair to begin this series of post with a character who currently have the pleasure (or misery) to become my current anime avatar (well, in wordpress and twitter anyway), Alfonso San Valiante from the 2014-2015 anime, Garo: The Animation.

In fiction in general, I have a certain fondness for the nice-guy or white-knight character (so long as they’re not there to just save helpless girls, eghhh). You know who. The idealist. The goody-two shoes who likes fighting for justice, just because it was the “right” thing to do. This is largely because they’re the type character I can identify and aspire to in everyday life.

Unfortunately, many of these type of characters are just poorly written. They’re often “nice” just because the series says so and without any demonstration from the characters themselves. They always either a strawman, self-inserts in a typical harem series, or……….Emiya Shiro.

And then Alfonso came along and he’s. Just. Perfect.

Granted, he’s not the most well-written character out there and he doesn’t get much development compare to his “dark knight” counterpart and the show’s main protag Leon, but he pretty much almost everything that I wanted out of “white knight” character. Strong sense of duty and moral without insufferable, generally likeable good guy, and he’s all of this without the show ever being cynical about his persona. Basically, he’s a white-knight with all of the bad stuff surround the archetype removed.

Which is the reason I’m quite proud to call him my #brand.

Okay, that’s one character, eleven to go!

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