Ho Ho Ho, Anime Secret Santa Time!

Hahaha, that’s right. I’ve decided to involve myself further into the anime blogsphere by participating anime secret santa. The rule itself was kind of simple. Send your MAL/Hummingbird. You get three recommendation. Watch at least one of those shows and then finally review them.

Of the three shows given to me, I’ve decided to try out Xam’d first, a 2008 original Bones show. Unfortunately, 6 episodes in, the series prove itself too much for me.  So, rather than torturing myself further, I decided to drop it and move on to another show on my list, which is Toradora!

Toradora was originally on my on-hold list over at MAL, which makes this recommendation somewhat odd. However, I suppose its a good excuse as any to finally finish the darn show.

So, how is Toradora?

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