Fall Anime 2015: Week 6

Sorry for no update last week. There’s been some………trouble last weekend.

Before I begin, there’s something I have to announce first. After few weeks of doing this, I began to realize doing weekly impression are just isn’t my thing, especially with the fact that I began to use less words and words to describe my feeling about a particular show.

There’s also the fact that writing this section really subtracted the amount of time that I usually use for my usual ‘idea’ post. And thus, I pronounced this will be my last weekly impression.

Anyway thus we have reached the halfway of the season. To be honest, not really a good week for me, with Osomatsu not delivering its usual fast paced wild humor and Asterisk being bog down by having a new girl being the center of few episodes for a while. Conrevo, however, actually delivering one of its best episode yet. Very strange……

Since this will be my final weekly impression, I’ll present to you all my most eloquent rundown on each show. Yep I’m going out with a bang.

Well, here it is!

Asterisk War


Asterisk 4.2.png

Concrete Revolutio


Conrevo 6.1

Mr. Osomatsu


Osomatsu 6.1



One Punch Man


OPM 6.1.png

Utawawerumono: False Faces


Utaweru2 6.3.png


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