Fall Anime 2015: Week 5

Thus another week in anime pass. Before all of us know it, its almost halfway to the season already. Still quite happy with my watch-list, even though not all of them performed all the same. They’re all still enjoyable, with probably only OPM still somewhat lagging behind.

Oh yeah, I also decided to drop Perfect Insider. As much as I like to experience different genre and different types of show, its really not doing anything for me. Plus the fact that many of the dialogue are just confusing to me (I’m really not good at reading between the line >__<).

In return however, I decided to pick up one new show of this season. Want to find out what’s that show is? Read on…..

Concrete Revolutio

Phew, that sure is an episode of Conrevo. The two part format really helps me to be actually invested in whatever’s going on in the plot. I’m also quite happy with the decision to explore the theme of justice and disillusionment by exploring the moral complication behind Kaiju’s existence (there’s even a historical context, to boot). With the reveal of Jiro being manipulated by the bureau, if he finds out, this probably will be the starts of his disillusionment.

Conrevo 5.2

Mr. Osomatsu

Quite surprising episode of Osomatsu. The first half are pretty much the usual humor affair involving Karamatsu’s kidnapping and the brothers apatheticness toward the whole thing, but the second half is rather weird exploration of Ichimatsu’s character (the seemingly lazy one). This kind of make the episode somewhat odd experience. There’s sense of genuineness in the show’s attempt at emotional resonance and fleshing out Ichimatsu’s character, but its really at odd with the preceding part of the episode, and to an extension, what the entire show’s has been at this point. So, on one hand, in a vacuum, I like it. But as an Osomatsu episode, its kinda weird. I hope the show could maybe strike a balance between charac  development and wild humor in the future, though.


Another solid week for Okandam. This time its full action all around. There’s……..really not much to say. The action is good, I like how it utilize all the crew member. Also Todo’s finally gone! Yayyyyy.

One Punch Man

I’ve heard once about things will change up after Saitama and Genos arrive at the hero association, so far, I’m not really seeing it. Fortunately, Genos, who really should be the main star of this show at this point, are still entertaining to watch, and the fight scene are still entertaining to watch as always if nothing else.

OPM 5.1

Utawawerumono: False Faces

Not exactly a fan of this episode of Utaweru, mostly because the characters introduced this time aren’t very engaging compared to Nekone last week. Still digging the overall slow pacing and the slice-of-life-ish plot though, in fact, its really telling that this anime is adapted from visual novel/strategy game from those two.

Utaweru2 5.1

Asterisk War 1-3

Yep, one of the many  magic highschool light novel adaptation this season. If you been following me, you’d know that I’m pretty sour on this particular LN premise, but given the fact I fell pretty close to the age demographic for this and my general optimism for this premise (plus the fact that I do heard some good things about this show), I decided on myself, eh, what the heck, I’ll watch it. After all I already watched Absolute Duo and bought the LN.

To my surprise however, Asterisk is…..kind of good.

There still some tropey-ness to the whole affair(several of the character archetype, weird proper nouns), but it was overall well produced, there’s sense of fun to the whole thing, and I’m quite invested to the characters, I even kinda like the MC! Julis, the main heroine, is also pretty engaging. She wasn’t just a damsel in distress for the MC (she even help him in some way), she has a clear motivation (her backstory on episode 3 is pretty heartfelt), and there’s not whole lot of power fantasy-ness……………..yet. Well, I’m pretty sure it’ll start to kick in the more we get into the series, but I’m enjoying this.

Asterisk 3.1

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