Fall Anime 2015: Week 4

Woooo, week 4 and I’m still on this thing. There’s an initial fear that I actually won’t make it to do a post this week, which largely due to the fact that I pretty much used up all the free time to marathon the entirety of Rick and Morty, but with sheer determination, I somehow made it through. I do wish to write another insight post that I used to do before I decided to do this thing, but no idea came so far. So anyway, Corevo and Perfect Insider deliver surprising episode this week, with the rest of the show pretty much performed consistently (which is both good and bad) with a slight step down from Osomatsu. Regrettably however, I’ve decided to put one show into the chopping block. Found out what that show is through this rundown!

Concrete Revolutio

I have to say, I’m quite enjoying this episode. For one thing, the entire episode is pretty coherent and the entire sequence was more slowly paced than last time, where it feels like the entire plot point was breezed through and not allowing for any sort of attachment or gravita, though it did help by the fact that apparently this is a two-parter episode. It also tease a hint regarding Jiro’s origin and backstory, as well as Emi’s. Jiro’s idealism are also challenged in this episode, as his priority to save people kept held back by the bureau’s own priority, which is to protect and/or confine Superhuman. Maybe this marks the beginning of his disillusion with the bureau as shown during the flashforward in the earlier episode?

Conrevo 4

Garo: Crimson Moon

Unfortunately, 4 episodes in, and Garo’s shows no sign its going to improve. Granted, to this point, I never expected the series is going to be just like/more than its first series, it didn’t have to be, but what kept me watching up to now are pretty much the good will I have for the first season. But between limited animation, ugly aesthetic, uninspired action and generic characters, all of them pretty much dealbreaker. So, with some regrets, I’m dropping this.

Garo2 3.3

Mr. Osomatsu

Hmmm, I’ll be honest, its a bit of a step down episode. I like how we return to two episode-format again since it allows more focus, but compare to the recent episodes hit-and-miss affair, I feel like this episode of Osomatsu feels very…..safe? The first half are definitely the highlight of the episode with the sextuplets try to appeal to their mother in their own varied way, ranging from honesty to straight out whining. It all help that it was entirely character-driven joke instead of usual absurd crude humor, but I feel like its not particularly as outlandish or as out of the left field than the previous episodes has been, especially highlighted during the second half. I like the current format, but I hope the tone gets as wild it was before.


A relatively light, but still a consistent Okandam episode. Its mostly set-up of the departure to Earth, while checking in with several of the broad cast in the series. There’s quite a nice moment between Mika and Kudelia, what’s with Mika being grateful of Kudelia’s job offer and all, but also a warning light with Mika just apparently instinctively decided to choke one of the inspector.

Speaking of the inspector, I’m quite curious on how/what exactly are their role in the narrative. But judging how the writing goes so far, it’s probably going to be important. Honestly, the only downside of the series so far is how the portrayal of adult in the series are just laughable (looking at you Todo).

Okandam 4.1

One Punch Man

At this point, I think its safe to say that OPM have stuck itself inside a safe formula. Everytime someone self-serious about their backstory, undercut it with humor. Everytime the villain got cocky about their superpower, Saitama shows them wrong. And finally, thrown in some impressive animation and choreography. Well, to be fair, I did get a good laugh out of Sonic’s balls got accidentally punched by Saitama, which followed by “We’re experiencing technical difficulty” frame.

Fortunately, I do heard about how the series will begin to be more varied once Saitama and Genos joins the Hero Association. Hopefully that’s true?

OPM 4.2

Perfect Insider

Another surprisingly enjoyable episodes of Perfect Insider. The banter still doesn’t work for me, but exploring the mystery are pretty engaging. The set-up are pretty much the classic locked-room mystery, but between Magata Shiki’s notes and mystery surrounding Nishinosono’s parents death, there’s quite a hook for me to be curious about.

PerfInside 3

Utawarerumono: False Faces

Even to this point, Utaweru seems to do nothing but character building while slowly moving the overarching conflict further. Which is fine considering I still enjoy it (the writing are still pretty good so far), but it does makes me wonder how the series going to do when the actual plot starts to kick in. Its a shame that Rurutie is proven to be a joke character so far, but I do quite like Ukon’s sister. Intelligent beynd her year, but pretty socially awkward and narrow worldview.

Utaweru2 4.2

With all those anime’s down, lets talk about Rick and Morty for a minute. In short summary: I really like the show. It takes a pretty deceptively simple premise and idea, and run through it in the most wildest way possible. There’s Inception parody, parenthood simulation in just two days, a mini verse inside another miniverse, alternate timeline, almost anything. I like to imagine the writing process behind this series are pretty much a bunch of writer sitting around while picking whatever the heck that came to their mind, imagining what they could say about this idea, and just run with it.

It is somewhat unfortunate that the general tone of the series are quite mean-spirited (though there are some genuine heart-warming moments), but there’s a clear underlying humanity in the characters. Rick, for all of his genius talent and asshole attitude, is quite clearly lonely, broken and even suicidal. Morty are pretty much what you got from growing up in an almost broken family and get through in many out of this world adventure. For number of times, he’s also challenged by what he believe to be what right and wrong. Not to mention, he’s clearly has repressed anger inside him.

So yeah, that’s pretty much Rick and Morty. Can’t wait for the third season!

RickMorty2 4

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