Fall Anime 2015: Week 3

Another week passed, and I’m apparently still doing this. Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing, I’m still haven’t watched Garo and Perfect Insider, although those two show are nearing drop-point. As for the rest, well the show I’m excited for are still solid, while the one that’s middling, are still….well middling. Welp, enough introduction, here are the shows!

Concrete Revolutio

Okay, another episodic case, this time centered around a cyborg-detective, Raito. His pretty much almost the same as Jiro, in the sense that he have a strong sense of justice but with a different world-view.  So three episodes in and I finally get what the jump back-and-forth timeline was about.  In your normal episodic case, the kind of conflict Conrevo’s going for usually would went on for few episodes or having the consequence of the on current conflict played out in the future episode. By having the conflict in the past and its consequences played in the future on the same episode, this gives us a clear character and thematic arc in one episode. Its a neat idea, but the drawback in what I see in Conrevo, that it really doesn’t allow for emotional attachment and investment in what the characters are struggling, even more clearer because this episode pretty much got the same baggage as the first two episodes. Buuutttt, I AM still interested in what the series going and baiting for, although the theme so far are still “Good vs Evil is not as simple as it seems”.

Though at least it had a cool sakuga at the end.

Conrevo 3.3

Mr. Osomatsu

So, staying true to its episode title, Osomatsu structure change from split formats into becoming a bunch of random short gags, which…….makes it more mixed than last week. Some joke lost in translation, some are really absurd, and some…….are just non-sense.  When Osomatsu goes for more character-based humor, it really lands, but when the humor leans more on absurd side of things, it tends to miss me more than it hits, which also applies to a lot of its crude joke. But anyway, the highlight of this week’s episode are probably the saw-rip-off episode. The main joke was that Jiguzou keeps finding the wrong victim, but its never stale and always find some other variation to the main joke. Osomatsu continues to entertain and its art style continues to impress (nice background, neat facial expression), but I’d prefer last week format compare to this week tbh.

Osomatsu 3.4


Another consistently good Gundam episode. Honestly there’s not much for me to elaborate, the fundamental writing are still strong, the plot revolving the kids taking over CCGS (or now renamed as Tekkadan) moves well (I kinda expected the coup will be much more grand, but nope, simple and efficient!), the characters are still well-rounded and interesting (though I’m not sure that applies to Kudelia). Mikazuki in particular, interest me the most, what’s with him being so casual on whether he’ll kill his enemy and what not. He strikes me like a better written Inaho, which is a comparison that’s pretty much applies to the overall production, by which I mean how Iron Blood is so far is like an actually good Aldnoah. Okada is still going strong.
Okandam 3.2

One Punch Man

Three episodes in, and One Punch Man still continues to unimpress me. And unfortunately, no visual standout (sans probably Genos fight with the monster) to distract me from the flaw unlike the first two episode. The humor are also somehow receive downgrade. The joke got repeated, the timing is off, and almost every gag is always streched. The idea of Saitama always wins in one punch kind of makes the fights stale, in fact I’d rather wanted to see Genos’s show. Sure, that may be beat the entire premise but at least the fight revolve around him are at least dynamic. Nonetheless, I’m still keeping OPM, because if nothing else, its a visual spectacle.

OPM 3.2

Utawarerumono: False Faces

Utaweru continues its laid-back pacing, but I don’t really mind because the characters are just endearing to watch. Their interaction with one another are still engaging to see, even though its not clear yet about what the plot is going to be about. Despite its slow-burn, it’s still have sense of momentum or things “happening” in the show. I also appreciate that they didn’t use Haku as a way to dump world-building to the audience. Keep it going.

Utaweru2 3.6

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