Fall Anime 2015: Week 2

Okay, its officially begin! The start of my weeklly impression. Place your bet on how long am I going to last, people.

I’m a bit picky this season and only decided to take up six shows plus Utawerumono. And in retrospect, it was all rather mix with only about half the show I’m watching performed about as well as I hoped to be. Concrete are still Concrete, OPM is still lacking, but I began to warmed up to Perfect Insider. The rest did pretty well.  But overall, pretty solid.

Anyway, lets begin the rundown!

Concrete Revolutio

Judging from this episode and the next episode preview, It seems like Conrevo is going for episodic case structure while introducing characters and fleshing out the theme. This week we got Fuuroka, a ghost who has the ability to shape-shift, apparently. After last week, despite some misstep in story development, I’m giving Conrevo a leeway for its manic creativity and ambition. Unfortunately, I began to be even less hopeful about the series after this week misstep.

So anyway, the conceit of this week (or at least, its what I assume to be) episode seems to be to show the moral ambiguity and the complexity of a “real-life” superhero-narrative (so just like last week, except different perspective and much more direct), shown through how Fuuroka reckless “heroic” action cause horrible consequence and cost him a friend. But both the revelation fell flat because the characters just aren’t well fleshed out and humanize enough, thanks to the manic pacing. I have soft spot for Superhero story, so I’ll still going to see how this plays out.

Oh yeah, lest we forget, there’s also a tacked on environmental message.

Conrevo 2.3

Garo: Crimson Moon

Another “monster-of-the-week” episode, but this time we’re given some intrigue on Raikou’s past. It’s generally soild despite some glaring plot hole(I mean, really? The kid survive the Horror attacks by biting his own father?). Raikou, as it turns out, are not born from nobility, and he’s already pretty distinguishable from Leon. For one, he’s much more composed and has a clear morality and noble motivation for what he do (despite it was coming from still unexplored places). There’s still some weird unexplored plot thread, the comedy’s kind out-of-place and tonally deft at times, the visual, aside from the colors and background, is really below average (the animation is somewhat limited, and character often look off model) and the action are really below sub-par. Not really high hope for the series, but still keeping this for a while.

Garo2 2.1

Mr. Osomatsu

After the parody intro, we finally get glimpse of Osomatsu actually about this week in split-format. The series is still best at delivering fast-pace crude and absurdist humor, no joke was repeated or lingered on for too long. The first half centering around how the brothers getting a job are somewhat mix, but by the time they arrive at the BLACK FACTORY, it became kind of entertaining humor on adulthood = becoming a cog in the machine. The second half are pretty much a barrel of fun. Lets see if this can keep up.

Osomatsu 2.3


Well we got ourselves some sweet action for the first half for this week Gundam. If there’s anything you could rely on from Sunrise, is to make good action out of a hand-drawn mecha. It was weighty, dynamic, pretty solid stuff overall. The second half meanwhile, slow down just to humanize all of our player (including a surprising revelation of on how one of our enemy have a soft spot for child-soldier). There’s some heavy-handed emotional moment, but I like the overall solidarity of the corps, especially the one shown through Mika’s comment to Kudelia.

Apart from that, there seems to be a focus on the idea of “children of war”, from Kudelia’s speech, to the aforementioned enemy commander sympathy and I’m also quite curious on the nature of relationship between Mika and Orga. Mika are loyal to him enough, but looking back at the earlier episode flashback, Orga……might have some opposite feeling toward Mika, but its all speculative for now. Overall, quite good episode.

Okandam 2.3

One Punch Man

So last week, I already stated the problem I had with action recently and how OPM premiere exemplify that problem. And this week that issue…………………… is still plaguing. Again, well done action and animation, but its just okay. The humor is also a lot miss as well. Majority of the joke are just about how our OP main protag can act normal in the face of mortal danger.

But fortunately, there’s a chance for redemption through the introduction of Genos, a cyborg who became Saitama disciple. With Genos, there’s someone to relate with and someone for Saitama to have a dynamic (he’s already the straight-man to Saitama’s apathetic-ness). Through that dynamic, it can flesh out Saitama personality. By fleshing out his personality more, it could potentially make him more likeable. By making him more likeable, I could enjoy more the action. Here’s to hope my prediction could come true.

OPM 2.3

Perfect Insider

Perfect Insider continues its slow-burn pacing while hooking us with set ups, before finally getting to the actual mystery. Apart from we actually getting to the meat this time, I find myself warming up to the series writing style in general. There’s been an understandable comparison for this series and Shin Sekai Yori (slow-burning with thematic undercurrent), but I’d say SSY grabbed me more because it “move” faster to my liking and the world-building mystery intrigue me more than character dynamic presented by Perfect Insider. So far, its just kind of bland.

But still, mysteries finally happened. Lets see how it goes…..

PerfInside 2.2

Utawarerumono: False Faces

I originally didn’t pick this up since I haven’t seen the first Utawerumono and fantasy isn’t exactly my thing. But, I’ve been told how the dynamic between the two lead reminisce of Spice&Wolf, which has me rather intrigue. Fortunately, its actually pretty good! And there isn’t any connection to the prequel that I need to know to understand what’s going on.

Solid chemistry and banter. Generally nice aesthetic. The first episode are just introduction of our character and dynamic, but I like how the pacing is very laid-back. The second episode are just a general action pieces, but it was solidly constructed that made use of the cast strength well. There isn’t any sign of overarching plot as of yet, but I’m already invested with the characters. Keep it going!

Utaweru2 2.1

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