Liebster V.3


So, there’s been recurring cycle in my writing process as of recently.

For those unaware, the process usually involve me in getting:

a) An idea

b) Write the important point of said ideas

c) Elaborate with elegant witty words

d) If (I’m happy with it) {

I’ll post it


Or else {

It forever sits on my draft section until I can work to fix it


As of lately I kept stuck on getting part b and c right. If I do manage to get the two right, I kept getting the else part of my d. I’m horrified by the thought that I might be currently catching the number one blogger/writer illness. The one disease no advance medical knowledge could ever develop a vaccine out of.

I’m having writer’s block.

In the field of online journal writing, this spells danger in all sorts of way. The ability to churn out content in a periodic schedule to please the post hungry crowds are an absolute requirement to survive in the field. Not being able to do so are pretty much guaranteed dead, if this were a battlefield.

But fortunately however, browsing through notification had me notice that Leaveit2me has nominated me for another Liebster award. This gave me an opportunity to answer some questionnare for this week’s content instead. Congratz Liebster, you have finally found your use to me.

Anyway, here are the questions!

1. Favorite comedy anime?

I don’t watch a whole lot of anime comedy. But if I have to pick one, its somewhat tie between The World God Only Knows and Gintama. I haven’t actually watch a whole lot of Gintama, but its finest episode had me pretty much on the floor.

2. Would you prefer to walk forever or drive forever?

Walk. Because at least I’ll be healthy that way.

3. If you have a pet, what is it?  If not, what kind of pet would you like?


4. What’s your mailing address (so I can send you that pet you wanted)?  Just kidding.  What’s your least favorite anime scene?

Loli bombing scene in Black Bullet. Its just….eh.

5. If you could be anyone else, who would you be (real or fake)?

An imaginary idealized version of myself named “Ruhman”, with what’s great about me doubled down and all of weakness cut down.

6. You are stranded on an island.  Your first response is to…

Search my surrounding. That’s always what am I going to do, panic or not.

7. If you could be Liam Neeson in any movie he has been in, which movie would it be?

Batman Begins in which he plays Henry Duncan, member of the Shadow League. I actually don’t wanted to become some kind of member for group terrorist organization, but its seems pretty cool to be a ninja.

8. Facebook or Twitter?


9. Myanimelist or Hummingbird?

MAL. Never used Hummingbird, so I wouldn’t know

10. Favorite classical composer?

Classic? What’s that? I only subscribe myself to soundtrack and j-pops.

11. Top 4 least favorite anime/manga?

This actually kind of harder than I though. In the end, I decided to consult my MAL  profile, and the results are, in no particular order:

  • Robotic;Notes
  • Fate/Kaleid
  • Devil Survivor 2
  • Aldnoah.Zero

Not nominating anyone else as usual.

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