Fall Anime 2015: First Impression Part 2

Garo: Crimson Moon

Soooooooo, new Garo. I marathoned the first season and find myself quite like it. There are some middling and baffling on several part, but overall it was a pretty fun fantasy. Plus I really like Alfonso (whom, if you couldn’t tell, is my current avatar). There are some worries inside me when I found out that the staff for this season is entirely different from the first and there are actually five staff on writing duty, but overall I’m pretty hype.

After watching this premiere……..I’m not really sure. Granted, it was a fine premiere that establish all the basic variable, but in the exception of Seimei, none of the character are grabbing nor was the action. The BG art looks nice, but the character look pretty derpy and off model, when its not close-up shot. But still, its interesting to see how our new protag, Raikou, compare to the previous protag, Leon. It was immediately seen how, compare to Leon, Raikou is more compose, but also have the position of nobility of some sort, and he can’t seem to transform without Seimei help, but I’m not sure how all of this are going to mean in the story nor how is it going to clash with the plot and what kind of character conflict could arise. Anyway, I’m seeing how this goes.

Garo2 2


Osomatsu is something that I decided to watch out of the blue after initial reception turn out pretty good and I’m always happy to see a pleasant surprise from an unassuming show. But, with no knowledge of what the original tv series are like, it wonders me on what am I about to get.

As it turns out, one of the brother worried about whether or not they could keep up the modern time, so they spend pretty much the entire premiere looking for ways (i.e. parodying/riffing on other popular shows with the first being male idol shows), until they fed up and ran out of screen time, leaving me absolutely no indication on what’s the actual show’s going to be like.

Thankfully however, it was a pretty funny opening. What made Osomatsu parody antic work isn’t the fact that they’re just mindlessly shooting reference after reference of other more popular work, but it was done so through with proper context and framework of the fact that the brothers wanted to find way to “catch up” with time. Apart from that, what I like is the fact that everything was presented not through self-mocking(okay, maybe a bit), but just a hilarious exaggeration of an established trope, which is really is what parody is.

So while I have no idea what’s Osomatsu-san’s going to be, I’m certainly grabbed. Also really hoping this will be the surprise of the season for no adequate reason.

One Punch Man

As of late, I’m just not grabbed by action sequence or set-pieces.

Well, not every action, but it seems like what should’ve been an amazing spectacle happening in my eye, ended up came across as moment in the story passing by to me (the last time I was pumped up about watching action was Kingsman third act, GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T). I theorize the reason behind this is because due to the fact that most of the action that’s happening on screen, doesn’t center around characters that I’ve come to like and know off.

I said this because One Punch Man pretty much exemplify this problem for me. Yes the action’s well done and weighty. Yes it was well animated with dynamic direction to match. Yes it was, in a sense, epic. And yet for all that technical accomplishment, it didn’t really grabbed me whatsoever. Despite the fact its only been one episode so far and I know our main hero aren’t supposed to be well develop yet, there’s not really much to take away from him either so far. All we know is the fact that he’s supposedly feels empty from his daily job. There’s no set up for an eventual arc for him to regain his lost passion or what not nor no indication this is going to be thematically intriguing. So in the end, just like Revolutio, OPM became another show that I’m still keeping to see if the writing finally matched up to the visual spectacle.

OPM 1.3

Perfect Insider

Perfect Insider isn’t really a show that I’m most looking forward to this season. Mystery isn’t exactly my thing, and despite the fact how rarity a novel adaptation is, I don’t really think that to be a measure of quality (remember Another anyone?). Buuuuttt, as it turns out, its actually airing on my TV cable right now, so I thought to myself, what the heck. I need to get out of my comfort show every once in a while.

So far, I haven’t regret my decision but I don’t really enjoy this premiere myself. The event of the premiere are pretty much mostly set-up and some intrigue building, but its all felt like a prologue to an actual series and its all very dry. Granted, I’ve never been into leisure dialogue (*ahem*Genshiken) and I’ve probably missed several subtle character writing, but the truth stands that I don’t really enjoy it. The best thing I could say about Insider is on its aesthetic and general production. But still, I’ll keep this for a while.

PerfInside 1.2

And that’s all of my first impression for the shows I’ll be watching this season. Oh yeah, starting next week, to improve my writing in some way, I’ll try my hand on weekly impression. I don’t know how it’ll turn out or how far I could do it, but look forward to it! 🙂

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