Fall Anime 2015: First Impression Part 1

Oh hey, what do you know, another season that I won’t enjoy because I live in the tropical part of the world has arrived (I know anime season don’t actually match with current season, but shut up), but that’s alright because you know another thing that arrived? New anime!

After a rather lackluster to lousy season for many watcher, lets hope this season turn solid for a good year of anime. Here’s my to watch of season:

  1. Concrete Revolutio
  2. Garo 2
  3. Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphan
  4. Noragami S2
  5. One Punch Man
  6. Osomatsu-san (I pick it up after the initial reception turn up good)
  7. Perfect Insider (this one’s a maybe)

Also, as you can see from the title, I’m going to split this into two part so that it won’t burden me (also as of the time of this writing, not all of the premiere came out yet). Anyway here’s the rundown!

Concrete Revoutio

From the studio and the staff that brought you Fullmetal Alchemist comes this show. Concrete is one of the show that I’m most hype about. Superhero shows are somehow something that keeps resonates me even now and with the hand of Shou Aikawa, the series composer behind FMA, the premise seems to be promising to be more than just your standard superhero story.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t learned my lesson that hype is a dangerous thing. The episode are…..fine and watchable to some aspect for me, but the writing rings the worry bell inside me. From the bland characters, to the questionable line (“Senpai! I’m 20 years old now!”), to the lack of thematic hook. What fortunately grabbed me this episode, is that the show are just an overall visual spectacle. Lively vibrant colors (though I’m not exactly a fan of the abstract background), crisp character design, and just all around imagination and creativity that was pour into making the world. The show actually looks like children imagination of cool things brought into screen. I’m just hoping the writing will keep up. So…..we’ll have to see.

Conrevo 1

Gundam Okada (Yes, I’m using this title)

Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphan, or Gundam Okada as I boringly called it but I’m using it anyway, marks the second proper entry for me to the Gundam franchise (I only watched some scattered episodes of Wings and Seed) after Build Fighter (though, this one probably doesn’t count), written by, as you might guess by the friggin title, Mari Okada. An inconsistent, but nonetheless, a quite well-known writer among my social circle.

Thankfully, knowledge to the previous entries or the UC timeline are not required for this series, but unfortunately that doesn’t make this episode slightly less confusing. The idea of dropping the audience in the middle event and let the world fleshed out by themselves through visual and natural dialogue are valid way of storytelling, but I’m still confused because the show haphazardly jumps around between characters and factions before allowing to be clear about the world-building and the characters (though on hindsight, the fault’s probably on my end).

The other thing that surprised me, is the writing so far feels…..un-Okada for the lack of better word. Then again, with the series she’s working on, maybe its not the time yet for her to unveil her usual voice.  Apart from those hiccup, everything else are pretty much fine. The characters are all introduced in a compelling broad stroke which each have their own agenda and motivation. The show’s looks fine, and so does the animation. The action’s pretty passable so far. So yeah, good intro.

Also I swear Mika is the new Inaho

OkaGundam 1

Noragami Aragoto

And so, Noragami enter its second season. I’ve actually read Noragami up to this season’s material. I quite enjoy the manga, especially how it explore the relationship between Gods and Humans as sort of a surrogate family, so I’m here to see how its adapted on animated screen and I have to say its a good job on Bones end! Lovely art. Great soundtrack. Plus the OP are pretty hip.

Anyway, the episode are mostly catching us up with main trio doing their every day lives while filling in on the several world building and plot details the audience might forgot the last time, but the episode also function as a potential set up for Bishamon’s downfall. Her “family” is beginning to large to keep track of and to handle for her, and one of them are already in cahoots with Nora.

Though to be honest, the episode are mostly a drag, probably because I’ve seen the event in the manga before. So, I’m probably going to just watch the climax episodes and the anime original content. Its not you Aragoto, Its just me.

Noragami Aragoto 1.2

Side Note:

  • You know, Concrete abstract background reminds me of Shaft.

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