The Classmates Dynamic in Kyoukaisen Premiere

Kyoukai Senjou Horizon
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (or Kyoukaisen) is an anime that’s admittedly slipped under my radar. A fall 2011 fantasy anime, produced by Sunrise based on series of Light Novels penned by Minoru Kawakami. The best way I could summarize the premise is that its about a group of academy student who represent a country trying to take on the whole world for our main character’s childhood friend (basically, you know, anime). Oh yeah, its also set itself in the future after humanity failed attempt to reach heaven and now must recreate history, or that’s what I thought?Based on the reception of my colleague on anitwitter the series itself wasn’t particularly good. Filled with proper nouns to the point of over-saturation, confusing world-building for the sake of author’s indulgence, fanservices and most of the female cast absurdly large bust. With this many red lights, it was made quite clear I should probably stay away from this series.

However, personally speaking, I’m quite interested to see what’s what  based on two factor:

a) Based on the clip of this series that I saw, I can feel like the writing isn’t just like your lower end fantasy LN writing that’s been unusually prevalent these days.

b) One blogger whose opinion I respected, Guy, actually took quite liking to the series. Which does provide me with some comfort with knowing that I won’t have a shitty taste should I ever liked this

After watching the first episode, several of the things I’ve listed came in frontal more or less and yet, despite all that, what actually grabbed me about the premiere the most (and by extension, the entire series) was actually how the series handle the character dynamic in the Plum Class. The episode managed to sell me a relationship of a whole class that’s been together for a long time (though granted, not all character got equal depth). In fact, the dynamic here is almost how I wanted Ansatsu Kyouhitsu to be.

Kyoukaisen 1.1

After some ominous intro song and scene with P-O1, the series opening begins with a starting of a P.E class of our heroes. After a briefing by the teacher, we get ourselves several comments and banter among the class. Through few lines alone we got the general idea about the personality of our heroes and how they relate to one another. Shiro loves money, Tenzo’s pervert, Margot and Malga are playful. The world-building here are hard to follow, but at least the series doesn’t try to drop everything on top of you, expecting you to understand, but instead doing it through off-hand remark.

After that, we got the chase sequence.

Apart from being a generally exciting action set-piece, the decision to have a P.E. class as a introductory episode proves fruitful here. Because here, we get to see not only the way our character in action (which is a bonus in a premiere episode) but also see how well the protagonists works together. There’s a clear sense of teamwork in how everyone coordinating their movement with Toussaint as the manager/sub-leader, like the triple strikes from Tenzo, Kiyonari and Noriki.

Kyoukaisen 1.4

Last but not least, was Toori’s declaration at the end of the episode on how he’ll confess his feelings to his (supposedly) dead childhood friend, Horizon, and doing it means more or less declaring war against the rest of the world and he needs his friends help. Apart from mild surprise from hearing Horizon’s name, everyone’s pretty much have the same serious expression as Toori said how his action equates war.

Adding Toori’s prior action before this (i.e. groping his own teacher, the bastard), its weird and even insane for anyone to take anything Toori said at face value. And yet, here they are, stone silent. This clearly demonstrate on how much the Plum Class trust Toori as their leader (despite his…..”eccentricness”). Further solidifying the camaraderie amongst Toori and his friends and showing how much they’ve bonded over times.

Unfortunately, I haven’t exactly continue the series past around episode 4 or 5, but when I do, I couldn’t wait to see more of Plum Class of Musashi Academy.


  • You know, if this series is as self indulgent as several people says, Toori’s too odd of an protagonist choice wouldn’t you say? I mean, his pervertedness are pretty much beyond common sense.
  • Also, shouldn’t there be a harem in here somewhere?

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