One Year Anniversary, Yay!

And so, on Monday, 7th September 2015, Fiction Realm have finally reached its one year anniversary.

Personally speaking, I’m not big into anniversary myself  (yes, including my own birthday), but I suppose this is a good occasion as any to look back on several things around this blog and maybe think about on what’s going to happen in the future.

Plus the fact that I managed stick with blogging as a hobby for about a year is pretty neat accomplishment in itself. Most productive hobby that I tried to do last for about few months at most.

So, lets start!

I guess we could go back to why I started doing this. This is pretty much already been covered in the about section of this post. Blogging, or online-journal writing which sounded cooler in my head, are a way for me to express some ideas or point of view regarding specific media (read: anime and video game). I don’t specifically wanted to become popular or anything, but I do wanted to have at least a small-to-moderate group of dedicated readers that pops in every once in a while in the comment section. Blogging also works as an outlet for me to practice my English writing skills.

But as of recently, I came to realize that the more I blog and read several posts by my online acquaintances, the more my priority and my goals in blogging began to change, or at least, expanded. Because every time I post something and noticed several of my favorite bloggers/anitwitter acquaintances favorited and/or comment my post, I realize the fact that those moments are probably one of my biggest joy in doing this.

While I also once said about the reason why I blog is to promote understanding of human condition in my 2014 retrospective post, and that’s certainly noble and all, but, like shounen protagonist that I wished I am, I realized the most personal and perhaps my biggest goal in blogging is to be acknowledged by my “senior” blogger and my, if I’m allowed to say it, friends in anitwitter whom I learned many things about, whether it was art, storytelling, and/or just people in general. They may don’t realize it much, but they’re bunch of people that I looked up to.

In other words, I wanted [insert old meme about senpai here].

Okay, so why specifically that I wanted to write about anime and video game? Well, the medium are just something that fond of ever since I was a kid. As for why I was still fond about till now, well, the simple answer would be because I’m huge baby who won’t grew out of my cartoon and electric toy. Slightly more complicated answer however, would be my recent discovery of the power and the potential possessed by the two medium. The realm of animation allows for imaginative larger-than-life story telling in which the skies are pretty much the limit (provided there’s sufficient budget, solid scheduling, and enough talents to make it happen, of course), and video game, with its inherently interactive nature, allow for some novel and unique way to engage with a story and to convey themes.

Looking back on the things I wrote, I can say that I’m pretty much embarrassed about 90% of it, with my Youth Romcom post being the one post I’m still semi proud about. Even now I’m still trying out or experimenting with different writing style (should I be more comical, casual, whimsical, or formal etc.), and getting insight on several different aspect of media (should I focus more on one specific moment about the series that works so well, should I try out for thematic reading, etc.) . Although, I’m quite satisfy how my English writing has improved since.

The hardest and the toughest challenge for to me write, is actually getting to write. It’s some part laziness and the other an inferiority complex. Every single time that I tune in to some of my favorite blogger posts, while I’m thankful for what I learned, there’s some part on the back of my mind on how my writing is still far away to reach that level. Plus the fact that I’m not sure how I can differentiate myself from other run-of-the-mill bloggers. You can say that I still haven’t find my brand just yet.

So, what’s going to happen for this blog? I’m not really sure. I like to continue blogging for as long as I could, that’s for sure. At least for another year or so, but the drop of my self confidence really makes me wonder if I actually can make a good post. But, I’ll keep on!

So with that, I’ll end this post with a sincere thanks for any of my readers out there. Until then! 😀


  1. miharusshi · October 28, 2015

    My, I’m pretty late but here’s my comment anyway. I think you know I mentioned how our thoughts about blogging itself are pretty similar, yeah?

    Because every time I post something and noticed several of my favorite bloggers/anitwitter acquaintances favorited and/or comment my post, I realize the fact that those moments are probably one of my biggest joy in doing this.
    I guess this is true for everyone who’s genuinely wanted his/her thoughts in his blog posts be heard the world over. Er, at least by some dedicated readers or good twitter/blogger friends. Receiving feedback always elicits in you the instinct to have some kind of response as well–may it be in the form of a comment saying “thank you, that was insightful; and these are what your points made me think about” or of another blog post in which the idea was conceived from the little exchanges in a comment section. Hence, blogging isn’t dead. Bloggers will always appear. Communicating never ends. As does learning.


    • miharusshi · October 28, 2015

      Uhh, messed up my html code there. Please edit it~ Thanks!


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