Creative Blogger Award


Hey guys! Sorry there’s no post last week, I’ve been busy with College orientation. Its already over since yesterday, so classes starts on monday. YEAAAHHHHHHH (NOOOOOOOOOOOO).

So anyway, this award.

Thanks again L-Zerb for this. Though again, I had no idea what are these awards for. But anyway, I was supposed to provide five facts about myself and then nominate others, buuuuuttttt all of you already knows that I’m not going to do the latter, so here’s a five fact!

– My lifestyle right after my graduation are pretty much NEET-ish until college started

– As of lately, I often find myself unable to just sit down and watch anime all the way through. I literally could finish an episode in an hour or two.

– Also lately, I often fell half asleep in the morning during lectures which, up to this point, I still have no idea why

– I’m not really into dating, however

– I just recently experienced my first rejection by the girl I like. Other than fatigue, I’m surprisingly fine now.

Annnnd done! Anyway, I’m not sure how busy I’m going to get as soon as classes started, so there’s a slight chance I won’t do another post next week, at least until I get used to it.

See you then! 😀

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