So, Another Liebster


The title pretty much what it says on the tin. I got another Liebster.

This time around is the courtesy of L-zerb over at his blog. Y’know, I do wonder what’s the point of this award. I mean, there doesn’t seem to be any substantial reward apart from the fact you get to know new blogs. In fact, all I got is pretty much a bunch of questions which I could choose to answer or not. Preeetttty sure you can do it over at my guys (go do it btw, its pretty empty over there). But nonetheless, thanks L-zerb.

But since the day I’ve started blogging, I’ve been getting this type of questionnaire for like, including this one, four times now. It almost seems like I’m popular or something!

Okay, enough rambling. Just like last time, no gimmick. Just a simple Q&A. Here we go! 🙂

1. Assuming that the second season of an anime is confirmed, If there is an anime that you really enjoy but have to wait for the second season, would you just read the original source or would you rather wait for the next season?

Hmm, I think I prefer to just wait for the second season if its already announced. If feels weird to jump into the source material to catch up, especially since if I’m already comfortable with the anime adaptation.

2. What do you think of light novel adaptations? Do you think it’s superior to the original source?

Reaaalllyyy depends on how it was adapted. An example where I thought the adaptation is “superior” than the original is Oregairu. The show succeed by bringing out the best quality about its source material, while cutting of the unnecessary or “filler” material, therefore making the story more focused and sharper.

But an example where I thought the adaptation wasn’t superior to the source is, to certain degree, Date a Live. Sure, the anime is free from much of the source material’s prose (which can come across as childish to many), but the anime not only cut off several nuance out of the character, but it also replaced it with an anime original material that’s really for fanservice sake. Several of the directional choice also highlighting some of the source material’s worst elements.

3. Have you ever experience overpowering the other team or player when playing sports?


4. Do you have any real life friend anime fan? If you do, how many?

I do, but its too many to count. Anime are pretty much a common thing here, so for every grade I attend at school, there’s bound to at least one or two anime fans in there.

5. Do you think it’s fun to have many real life friend anime fan?

Kind of. I mean, its always fun to have somebody with similar interest to talk with. I’m just wishing more of them are interested in taking in depth look on it.

6. How did you feel when you first entered college?

I haven’t entered college yet, but I’m about to in just a few weeks. 😉

7. Do you ever get bullied?

Physical bully? Not really. But I’ve been called names a lot when I was a kid. Crazy kid, alien, and crying rock. Looking back, all of those names comes from the fact that I’m…….not exactly kid with a lot of social skills back then (and not much even now). The third one comes from when I was a lot more quieter kid and one day, I cried because a classmate pointed out how poor my social skill is. What’s terrifying is a lot of them are girls who called out those names.

Ever since then, I tend to have a self-depreciating outlook on myself, assumed the worst intention of any kind of gestures people give me because I’m afraid to get hurt, I don’t want to appear vulnerable to others and realllyyy worrywart when it comes what others thought of me (which is why Hachiman resonated a lot to me, even though I’m not a “Hachiman” per se, GO WATCH OREGAIRU NOW). Of course, I’ve been improving myself since.

*sigh* sorry. It was a dark time for me back then…..

8. What genre or what kind of music do you usually listen?

There’s really no specific genre preferences for me and nowadays, I tend to listen to soundtrack and Jpop’s. But I do like the type of music where it mash two different style and “cultures” a lot though.

9. What genre of anime do you usually enjoy?

I’m pretty open to all genre. But I guess I usually enjoy action-romance-comedy.

10. Is there anything (And I mean anything at all) that is popular you tend avoid?

Eh, plenty.

11. Do you speak English fluently? For native English speakers, do you speak your second language fluently?

Kind of. There’s still some noticeable native accent in my English, but I suppose its fluent enough. The most common problem I have is that I tend to stutter a lot trying to find the right words. Also, sometimes my English can be a little too fast.

Okay, that’s all of the questions! Oh yeah, here’s also eleven facts about myself since that’s the rules for some reason:

  1. I’ve just finish high school
  2. I chose Computer Science as my major
  3. I’m still working out on what I wanted to do in life
  4. Okay, I originally planned to become a game designer, but I’m not so sure now.
  5. I really like any noodle dishes for some reason. Be it Ramen or Spaghetti, whatever.
  6. I go to an English course twice a week ever since there’s no school activity left to improve my communication skill. But I’ll be quitting it  by the time college started since it’ll be too far away.
  7. I’ve been wanting to write a fiction piece lately and
  8. I usually get an idea and inspired every time I watch an anime
  9. The bad one in particular since it always gives me the sense of feeling “I can write better than that!”
  10. I’ve been into reading English literature lately, although I rarely finish any of them
  11. I’m a guy.

Okay that’s it. As before, I won’t nominate anyone else. Though on the previous Liebster, I made an embarrassing mistake of nominating blogger who actually already past the 200 follower limit. Serves me right for never paying attention. 😛



  1. AnonymousMatcha · August 6, 2015

    Whooo! You’re majoring in computer science! XDDD


    • Namhur · August 6, 2015

      Yep! 😀
      You seem unusually very happy about it. Can I ask why?


      • AnonymousMatcha · August 7, 2015

        Hmm, I just like computer science? Well, apart from the fact that I’m a computer science minor, I would have majored in it if I weren’t a biology major. XDD


      • Namhur · August 7, 2015

        Ah yeah, almost forgot that you’re minor in CompSci.


  2. L-zerb · August 20, 2015

    Hey. Psst. Guess what? Another award. The Creative Blogger Award. It’s much shorter than Liebster award so…here’s the link:


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