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Hey guys! Sorry there’s no post last week, I’ve been busy with College orientation. Its already over since yesterday, so classes starts on monday. YEAAAHHHHHHH (NOOOOOOOOOOOO).

So anyway, this award.

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The Anime Stereotypes of Persona 4

(Warning: This post contains some major spoilers surrounding Persona 4’s characters)

In the recent years, there’s been a weird decision within the video game company, Atlus, in order to broaden their target demographic. Said changes, which is perhaps the most noticeable in this regard, seems stems from the fact that many of their latest releases seems to be more, for the lack of better word, “anime” compare to the previous ones, starting from the Persona 3.

I’m not just simply talking about the transformation of their artstyle, but also on the portrayal of their character, which seems lean more to anime tropes, and the subject of their narrative. Whether it was the difficulty and/or the morality of adult relationship in Catherine, or the theme of death and how it ties into our high school experience in Persona 3.

But amongst those releases, Persona 4 is perhaps the most releases who’s anime-ism are pretty frontal. The characters that makes up the investigation team surrounding our main protagonist are an unabashed stereotypes of high school anime in recent memory. We have the hapless best friend, the tomboy, the yamato nadeshiko, the delinquent, the idol, the detective/awkward girl, and the mascot.

After further introspection however, I’d argue how the tropey-ness of the character are actually the most purposeful changes because it serves the central conceit of Persona 4’s narrative and not just simply for the fact that its useful for demographic broadening.

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Thoughts on Summer Anime 2015

Aaahh summer. Clear blue sky, warmth sunlight, relax atmosphere, all of the criteria for an ideal weather to shut yourself in a room so you can enjoy some japanese cartoon.

Although, Indonesia is a tropical country, so I have no idea what summer actually feels like. But it is nice to imagine summer to be that way. We have dry season in here for what its worth though.

Anyway, with new season comes along new line up of anime for us to enjoy! Its pretty interesting line up, with variety of genre and interesting premises in the bag. Whether it’s romcom, comedy or action, while only two or three might be noteworthy to some, there’s at least something for everyone to enjoy, and here I am once again trying to share my two cents of a thought on several shows that I’ve sampled that might worth a damn. 😉

Its a bit cheating since I didn’t wrote any for the spring 2015, but I was avoiding the season back then, due to various circumstances, which led me to not finishing any of the show I’ve planned to finish (and I probably won’t finish much shows this season either). So before I begin, here’s some short impression on the shows I’ve watched on spring:

The one I actually managed to finished

Oregairu Zoku: This youth romantic comedy continues to be great as expected. Slight confusing ending. Requires more reading between the line in-depth look compare to its predecessor than my brain could actually handle. >__<

Blood Blockade Battlefront (okay this one isn’t actually finished yet, but still): Nice direction and visual design. As for everything else, eh……its a pass.

The one I haven’t

Danmachi: Comfort fantasy show. Lazy, but slightly more competent writing than I thought.

Sidonia S2: Literally only watching this just so I can see my NagatexTsumugi ship. Pretty weird sci-fi-action-harem-romcom……thing.

Ore Monogatari!: Dawwwwww.

Punchline: Whaaaaaaaaaaa.

Hibike! Euphonium: Wasn’t for me. It looked nice for what its worth.

Also, special mention to JoJo Bizarre Adventure, for being the the one series where I actually didn’t keep up at all, but its existence infuriate me for irrational reason (please refer to my defining shonen part ii post)

Okay, lets move on to the those summer shows now, shall we?

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