One Piece and Pulp Detective Narrative

Wohoo, few days after Fitri, I’m back and I have few new stuff to talk about! Last time I post my rather grim rant about my current relationship with Islam, so lets talk about something fun for a change this time! 😀

Anyway, few weeks ago, I tuned in to one of my favorite youtube channel, Extra Credits. The video of the week was how they argue The Witcher 3 success in narrative was in how they borrow their storytelling from the pulp detective novel (or hard-boiled detective novel, whichever do you prefer it). You can see video here.

So few days after, as a fun exercise, I decided to look back on all of anime/manga that I’ve watched/read to see if there’s ever any other anime/manga that has the similar storytelling as pulp detective novel.

And funnily enough, One Piece is probably the closest I could find.

But, lets start by defining what’s pulp detective is exactly, just in case you haven’t watch the video I link above. (also to makes this post a bit longer)

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Personal Musing On Islam

In just a few hours as of the time of this writing, Ramadhan will begin to close as Ied Fitri open. Because of this, me and my family traveled to Jakarta to visit my relative and currently, I’m writing this in my grandmother’s house. For some, this is an unfortunate fact. If you asked me though, it simply felt like an another month passing by.

Since Ied Fitri is considered as one of two days that was acknowledged as an actual holiday for Muslim (well, according to the sunni anyway), this springs me into writing and contemplating my own feelings for my own religion.

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Would You Like To Know More About God Eater?

God Eater 1.1 For me, watching adaptation can be a rather tricky, especially when I’m familiar with the source material. Even more especially if said source material is a video game. I said this because, at times, it almost impossible for me to judge an adaptation solely on how its well adapted and how it was presented to the newcomer of the franchise, should they decided to stay faithful to the source material. Any good points I thought the adaptation have is either reflective of the source or just my prior emotional investment/engagement to the video game, most of the time. However nonetheless, its always an interesting to see newcomers reaction to it.

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Drangleic Exploration Journal

My name is Slaine, a falconer knight from Volgen.

I said this first because the things I’ve experienced and I’m about to experience in this cursed land may render me unable to remember my own name. Much of my childhood memory are already obscure in my head. Worst case, I may well not going to remember my very being and self. So I want to pronounce it as much as possible.

Perhaps this also applies to why I started writing a bloody mini journal now about what my experience here. I usually avoid them since I always thought they were some form of narcissism.

I suppose I should started from the beginning for why am I here.

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Why I Can’t Enjoy Hunter x Hunter and Defining Shonen Part II

Okay, so, some of you may recall in my Gon’s downfall post that I said I secretly trying to hate Hunter x Hunter. Well, since I had just recently released my “defining shonen” post last week, as a followed up, I decided to elaborate the reason as for why that’s the case because, in some ways, it ties to my attraction toward shonen. Also fandom.

The secondary reason is, that I noticed, while I already laid out the peculiarity of the shonen naming, I never actually try to define it by my “own” knowledge and experiences. That, kiiinnnd of made me guilty. So…..I guess you can say that this double as another apology post? 😛

Anyways, Hunter x Hunter!

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Food for Thoughts: What is “Shonen”?

Genre is kind of a strange thing. Basically, they’re categorization of collective works with similar element in terms of form, subjects, and style under one label. On one hand, it makes searching for the type of works we want to watch/read at given moment easier, on the other, however, its also inherently constrictive and exclusionary.

And with that in mind, I would like to point your attention toward the “shonen battle” genre.

(Okay, quick disclosure. The reason as for why I use the term “shonen battle” is distinguish it from any other series that may be classified as “shonen” and ran on shonen magazine, but it doesn’t incorporate fighting as the main element of the narrative. Such example is: Gintama, Ansatsu, TWGOK, etc. Got it? Alright, read on.)

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