My Youth Isn’t a Romantic Comedy In Any Way Possible, But In a Way That’s Alright I Guess

If you mention the word ‘youth’, especially within the context of anime, ‘school life’ is perhaps the most probable things that came up in your mind. Heck, the two word are practically one and inseparable by this point. To a degree, anime industry seems to capitalize on this for a very long time. In every season, there’s at least one anime centered around school life, many LN adaptation features a magical high school nowadays, and the most magical things in an anime world seems to happen in an highschool or to a highschooler for contrived reasons. Pretty reflective over the fact that:

A) Teenager has always been anime main demographic, and

B) There’s also fake nostalgia factor at play for adult viewer, which somewhat makes sense considering highschool are probably the happiest time for many Japanese. Not necessarily means highschool are a fun time for all of them, many students are often under constant pressure to get a good grade and higher education after all, but considering monotone office life and batshit insane work hours are what most adults in Japan go through every day of their life, plus the social pressure of having to go out for a drink with your co-worker every time said work hours is over (remember the after-work bar scenes in Shirobako? Turns out there’s a dark side to that), your guess is as good as mine in which phase in life they prefer.

Unfortunately, any chance and possibility of any sorts of magical encounter happening in my ‘youth’ have pretty much closed its gates now, because as of May 15th 2015, a certain announcement has arrived in my mothers laptop. Bringing a certain notification that I apparently have graduated.

Which, in anime world, is another way of saying that my ‘youth’ is ‘over’.

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