A Boy’s Anger: Hunter x Hunter 2011


(Warning: This post contain some spoiler to the Chimera Ant story arc of Hunter x Hunter

Just a few months ago, I’ve finally finished watching the entirety of Chimera Ant story arc in Hunter x Hunter. On the whole, I can definitely see the reason for why so many people praises what it seems to be one of the most ambitious story arc that has ever been told in any anime, despite the fact I didn’t quite connect to the arc emotionally. Granted, I’m not exactly a big fan on how the series decided to narrate every single thoughts and action character go through in a way to create tension, but there’s also on the fact that I………secretly wanted to hate this arc. But that’s a whole different story for another time.

The arc itself has quite many greatly executed dramatic moments. Killua’s breakdown, Meruem’s forgiveness, Meruem last moment with Komugi, Reina’s return. But if have to say the one that’s really impressed me the most however, is Gon’s downfall on episode 131.

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Manga Impressions: Kure-nai and Iris Zero


Few weeks ago, I decided to conduct a personal experiment to pick a random manga title on my local bookstore and buy several volumes of it that I previously never heard of from anyone before to expand my own horizon. This leads……to a quite an interesting results. Maybe one day I’ll do it again, but who knows.

So anyway, in this post, I’m going to give you my short impression toward those series. Starting with Kure-nai volume 1-3 (the one above). 🙂

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