Some Quick Announcement

For every high schooler in every corner of the world, there comes the time where they must face a once in a life time trial where they prove themselves worthy of embracing adulthood, taking on the real world and pursuing higher form education.

That trial dear readers, is called ‘The Final Exam’. A trial that shall determined my fate of both my graduation and whether I’ll be going to Uni or not.

For the preparation of this trial, I fear that I may not be available to be reached on this realm of cybernet for certain period time. So, I’ve come to a decision to present all of you loyal readers this message in which I hope could explain for the reason why I won’t be available for a while. Should you need me of my assistance however, you may still contact me through my electronic mail.

And with that, I thank you for your attention and wish me luck for my upcoming endeavor 🙂

Yours truly,


One comment

  1. FabledHunter · March 24, 2015

    Good luck on your exams!


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