My Trashy Chuuni Short Drama

Hey guys, its been a while.

So if you been following my twitter for a while, you may notice how I kept complaining on the fact that I’ve been falling behind on this anime season. Well it’s a bit of a hyperbole, but mostly true. This comes from largely three factors: a. I’ve been with my entertainment mistress, Video Game.

b. The Wi-Fi in my house has been quite crappy for the last two weeks.

c. I’ve been busy preparing for my English Practical exam.

The third factor is kind of what I’m focusing in this post. So you see, it’s been decided that for the English Practical exam, each student requires to perform something in front of the class (read; everyone). Of course, I’ve decided to perform a drama which I’ll wrote myself. I first thought that It’s going to be easy considering……well I’ve been writing for this darn blog for a while.

Yeah, this is one of those moments where I’m very horribly wrong.

Lets go over the problems that I ran into during the production phase. First of all, I need to keep away on using hard languages so that my friend can understand what is my drama about. Second, each student can only have few minutes to perform, so my drama has to be quite short. Finally, writing the script itself.

I’m not really interested in making my drama to an equivalent of a junk food or something that you see to only entertain yourself and then forgotten right away. In other words, I want it to have a meaning or somekind. And because of that, I got rather ambitious for this. Maybe a bit too much since this is just a flippin exam because I only managed to finish writing the script at 2 AM in the morning. Four hours before I have to go to school.

Somewhere along the line it kinda gives me an idea. Why don’t I share it all with you guys? N-not that I ran out of idea for a post or anything!

Bewarned however, the following content may include cheesy speech, heavy handed metaphor or messages, and a heavy dose of chuunism.

Enjoy 🙂

Once upon a time, there was a great kingdom which currently in a state of horrifying war between two races. There are the Humans, the original inhabitant of the kingdom, and then, there are the Ghorib, the foreigner who also claimed to be the original inhabitant of the kingdom. The two race are caught in a territorial war that went on and on for decades, and generation after generation. Hatred between the two race grew by each battles. Blood spilled. Lives lost. All for glory.

Until one fateful day, the Humans Hero decided to launch an all out final assault toward the Ghorib headquarter. After some time, he finally confront the Ghorib King in his throne room. The final between them commence.

H : (storms in)KING!! I’ve come for you!!”

K : “Hahahaha. So, it all finally comes to this eh? Come now, let us finally finish this.”

H : ”Yes. This will all ends…….but not with fighting”

K : “Hahahaha. What’s the matter Hero? Has you spirit broken? Is the loss of your fallen comrade hurt you so badly?”

H : “ In this war, I’ve seen horror unimaginable done by men. For what!? What are we even fighting for?”

K : “ Hehehee. Don’t you remember? We fought for the sake of our own justice. We fought to settle who is the righteous ruler off this kingdom. Our ancestor has done this for generations, now it’s our time to do it.”

H : “ What if……we don’t need to do this? What if we can stop fighting?

K : “Are you suggesting……truce?”

H : “Yes.”

K : “Heh, and I suppose we can all started be friendly to one and another, and spread love and peace everywhere?

H : “Why not?”

K : “You’re jesting.”

H : “Look, I don’t care the slightest if its something our family has done for generations or…..eons for all I care. If there’s a way for this end without bloods in our hand, I’ll take it.”

K : “Nonsense! Did you really think, after all the battles our races fought through, we can just stop and live side by side just like that! What about our hundred years of hatred!”

H : “If this war keeps on continuing, those hatred are just going to pile up and peace will be impossible by then. Before that happens, why don’t we try it now?”

K : “Keh. Don’t you dare fool me! We know all of you Humans think about us! Blasphemer. Sinful enemies. A demon on a human skin! You’re all thought of us as a villain, and you shall have them.”

H : “I’ll ask again then. Why do you want this kingdom in the first place?”

K : “After decades of war, truthfully, we almost forgot why. But I suppose this all started because……….we wanted a home.”

The King began to tell the Hero a story of why the Ghorib wanted the kingdom. For thousands of years, the Ghorib has been a homeless race that live by traveling land after land. But they were rejected by each and every race in the world. Decided to claim their home, they set out to a war.

H : “I see……then lets make this kingdom both our home.”

K : “Why? Why would you do this?”

H : “After seeing the actions both of our race during the war and seeing your reasoning to do this, I’ve concluded that we’re not really that different. Like I said, even if its maybe impossible to do, I want us to try. So please………… don’t need to be the villain. Not anymore.”

The King hesitated at first, but he soon agreed to the truce. Of course, the two races didn’t end up living peacefully together as many people from both Humans and Ghorib still held grudges against one another, something which the war . However, Hero and the King keep working together, in a glim hope that one day, they can truly live together harmoniously.

The End

Author Notes:

-My friend accuse me on how the story is similar toward Hataraku Mao-sama. I mean pftttt, where did he get that impression from.

-I actually have the video of my performances that my friend recorded and was planning to post it here, but I notice that I made quite a lot of hiccups and I’m really an amateur actor so its rather embarrassing. Let me know if you want to see it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.


  1. L-zerb · March 10, 2015

    I’d love to see your acting. Also, Hataraku Mao-Sama was the first anime that comes in mind when I read this probably because of the… races I guess??


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