Some Quick Announcement

For every high schooler in every corner of the world, there comes the time where they must face a once in a life time trial where they prove themselves worthy of embracing adulthood, taking on the real world and pursuing higher form education.

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Brosuke and Why I Roleplay

This may or may not came across as a surprise to you, but I’m quite a chuuni back in a day. Maybe I still do now.

I love things all animated, especially shonen anime, and also super sentai or superhero shows. I always wanted to be like one because I genuinely thought they’re cool. Since then, I often create a fantasy scenario in my head where I was a hero and I always try to reenact those scenario. Heck, I even try to write that fantasy down, imagining it’ll be my own shonen manga. If I was born in Japan, I’d probably be one of the many otaku who’ll try to write their own self-insert power fantasy light novel.

Because of those however, I did get a comment from my classmate that I often, “stuck in my own world.”  Which perhaps, is something that largely contribute to my social awkwardness.

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My Trashy Chuuni Short Drama

Hey guys, its been a while.

So if you been following my twitter for a while, you may notice how I kept complaining on the fact that I’ve been falling behind on this anime season. Well it’s a bit of a hyperbole, but mostly true. This comes from largely three factors: Read More