I Got a Liebster

I think this is all started when I was on my home playing with my netbook after the usual boredom that is my everyday class.

As I get home, I get some lunch, open my netbook and started watching some anime. When I checked my Twitter however, it appears I’ve received two notification from my fellow novice blogger . The notifications in question, is that I’ve been nominated for something called Liebster Award along with this Icon. liebster2

The instant I saw that image, my entire body was absorbed into my own netbook screen. After Allah-knows how much time passed as I dived into the darkness, there’s a glimpse of light at the end of my sight. Soon, I reached that light.

I can feel I fell on my butt as I came to. As I check my surrounding, I notice that I appears to be on top of a stage. However my surrounding was too dark to make out where have I been sent to. “Where…..am I?” I muttered.

Then, the stage lamp turn on , blinding me for an instant. Not long after that, an announcer voice can be heard. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I present to you our next Liebster nominatior, NAMHUR!!” Said the announcer with a mysterious voice.

“Huh? Wait WHAT!?” said I along with loud applause by an invisible crowds. The announcer soon approach me from the darkness while gripping a mic in their right hand. They’re wearing a peculiar top hat with a silver mask and a colorful tuxedo with a red butterfly tie. Both they’re voice and physique are too ambiguous for me to tell what gender they are.

But I do can say that has be the most chuuniest clothing I have come to witness.

“Mr. Namhur congratulation! You’ve been nominated as Liebster award receiver,” said the announcer. “Now tell us, how do you feel?”

“Okay can somebody tell me what the heck is going on!?”

“Ahhh, it appears we have a confused one. There’s nothing to worry about Mr. Namhur. You’ve just been nominated for Liebster Award by your acquaintance and as the result, you’re sent here to this place.”


“At any case, do you have any comment or something to say for your nominator?”

“Ummm…..thanks I guess.”

Also what the heck man, I thought to myself.

“Anyway, here’s the procedure Mr. Namhur. Because you’ve been nominated for this award, you’re obligated to answer eleven question provided by your nominator. Do this and you may return to your home.”

“You swore? There’s nothing iffy or ecchi about this question right?”

“Yes and don’t worry they’re perfectly safe!”

I thought to myself for a while before answering. So far there hasn’t been anything life threatening of the nature and answering questions seems simple enough for me to do just so I can get out of there. So, I agree to do it.

“Alright, I’ll do it”

“Excellent! Now, here are the questions,” said the announcer.

The second they say that, a big screen drop down behind both of us. The screen then turn on and reveal the first question that I have to answer.

“1. Do you have any hobbies which aren’t related to anime?”

“Ehh, does gaming counts? Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a gaming geek before I became a more regular anime watcher. Though weirdly enough some of my favorite game are an ‘anime-esque jrpg'”

“Oh my, you’re truly are a nerd from the heart aren’t you Mr. Namhur?” chuckle the announcer along with some light laughter from the invincible audience. “

Thanks for reminding me that,” I remark. “Well aside from that, I do play basketball once a week as an extracurricular activity ever since the first year of highschool, though I stop once I enter senior year.”

“Hmm, alright then. Next question!” said the announcer. The screen fade to black and reveal the next question.

“2. What is your favorite scene or moment in anime?”

“Hmm, that’s actually a tough one,” said I, “I don’t really think there’s really a scene that’s so noteworthy in my mind that I’d actually called it as my favorite.”

“Ho, then perhaps an anime scene you find memorable from the more recently anime you’ve watched?”

“Yeah, I guess. You know what? Its probably faster for me to just show you.”

“Ohh, alright then. Then can you whisper the name of the scene to my ear so I can show it in the screen?” I walk briefly approaching him and whisper the scene in question. The announcer then nod in acknowledgement. He then bring out his tablet and started operating it. Soon the screen cut to black and reveal the video of the scene.

“That is quite touching Mr. Namhur. Alright next question!”

“3. Do you wish you did anything differently when you were younger?”

“Aww crap.”

“What is the matter Mr.Namhur?”

“Trust me, there’s plenty of things I wish I could’ve done differently. But much as I like to thought of myself “Why shouldn’t have I done that” though, not sure I want to change things.”

“Oh really? How so?”

“Well, not only that its kind of a useless thinking because what’s done is done, but also because the decision and the choices I made in the past are the one who shaped me to become who I am now, good and bad. Wishing I could’ve done something differently its just feels like running away from the consequences and the responsibility of the choices I made.”

The announcer and the audience seems quite stunned over my answer, but after a while the atmosphere return to normal.

“I see. I respect your answer Mr. Namhur. Well then, next question!”

“4. Is there any anime which most people you know thought was bad, but you really enjoyed?”

“Valvrave I suppose.”

Both the announcer and the audience gasped at my answer. “Do you mean Valvrape Mr. Namhur?”

“Okay that rape scene is horrible there’s really no justification for that,” I said, “but I do genuinely enjoy the rest of the anime. Most people that I know are either saying that its dumb or enjoying it in “so bad its good” kind of way and I definitely can see why people think like that about the series.  But aside from the gorgeous fight animation and the cg integration for the mecha, I find most of dumb stuff kind of endearing. The mecha-war drama played by highschool anime trope characters, the fact on how an entire country run by teenager etc. Although maybe that’s just because I have quite big tolerance for stupid plot development.”

“Ohhh, you sure have quite an odd taste Mr. Namhur.”

“Hey that’s why I have the bestworst taste.” “Hmm, okay Mr. Namhur,” said the announcer chuckling.

“Anyway, next question!”

“5. Are there any anime characters you admire, while not being able to agree with their values or choices?”

“Hikigaya Hachiman.”

“Oh. The RomCom Batman? Can you elaborate more please?”

“Well I wouldn’t call him Batman, but that’s partially accurate I guess,” said I. “Anyway, its quite obvious that Hachiman cynical self-justifying loser/loner mindset are pretty much an angry juvenile teenager worldview, something Oregairu acknowledge very well, but the thing is, it comes from a very understandable place. I mean, throughout the series it was reveal that he’s often lonely and ostracized by others much of his past. In fact, he’s probably the version of what I could’ve ended up as being used to be a loner myself. Well that is if I’m smarter or more self aware.”

“Hmmm is that so? Okay then,” said the announcer. “Next question!”

“6. What underrated anime or manga series do you think needs to be exposed to more people?”

“Okay, that’s also a bit tough. My taste are pretty mainstream. Can’t come up with anything.”

“Really? Not even one?”

“Nope. Can we skip this one?”

“Hmmm, I suppose you may. Next question!”

“7. If you were able to live in an anime or manga universe, would you? and which one?”

“I suppose that would be nice in a while to do that, but nah, I’m fine with the universe I live in currently. But if I have to pick which one, being an Adventurer inside Elder Tale from Log Horizon sounds nice. I get to enjoy festivals with a lots of people in Akihabara, I can fulfill my secret dream to roleplay as a badass black swordman whom initially shun people but slowly warm up to them and finally, I can’t even die.”

“Umm, Mr. Namhur, you do know the price for respawn are a fragment of your memories correct?”

“Well just so it happens I have plenty of bad memories that I want to erase in my mind.”

“Haha, okay then. Next question!”

“8. What is your favorite visual novel?”

“Katawa Shoujo, though its pretty much one of two visual novel I’ve ever played. I do think its well written and less we forget, very beautiful girls.”

“Since we’re talking about visual novel here Mr. Namhur, tell us, who’s the best girl?”

Hearing that question seems to ring a bell inside my mind. I proceed to answer it with the following paragraph with the speed of lightning.

“Talking about who’s the best girl seems arbitrary and pointless. Talking about who’s the best means talking who’s the “objectively” beautiful and we all know that word are practically a myth in an art.  We all have different taste and preferences for what do we find very appealing about someone or something based upon our understanding of what translate as beautiful to us which in and on itself is shaped through our own individual life experience. Each and every girls in Katawa Shoujo are great in their own respective ways. All of them Emi, Hanako, Rin, Lily, Shizune and heck, even Misha. They are all deserve an equal recognition and simply debating who’s the best girl by highlighting best parts about the girls we love while dismissing other, does the girls great deal of disservice. Therefore Lily Satou is the best girl.”

“Umm, you do real-“

“Yes I know what I said, can we quickly get to the next question please?”

“Okayyyy then.”

“9. What are you most looking forward to during 2015?”

“Persona 5 saving anime.”

“But Persona 5 is a-“

“Nope, Persona 5 are more anime than most anime. Besides have you seen the trailer?”

“Good point. Moving on the next question then!”

“10. Would you consider yourself more a S or M?”

I choked to myself when that question appears on the screen. “Ow come on! You said it was a safe question!”

“It is in my eyes Mr. Namhur. Now can you answer it?”

“Yeah, how about neither?”

“I’m afraid you need to answer this one Mr. Namhur.”

“Do I have to?”


“Do I really have to?”

“Do you want to get out of here Mr. Namhur?”

“Egghhh fine!”

“Alright, give us your answer then.”

“Ummm, I think I lean more toward M considering I have a high resistance for bad cartoon. Also I’m planning to watch Mahouka sometime in the future.”

Both the announcer and the audience gasp in horror as soon as I mention that title. “Mr. Namhur best of luck for you if you seriously planning to do so. Anyway, last question!”

“11. What anime series would you prefer to have a new season announced?”

“Currently? Shirobako I suppose. The show is a really comfortable and enjoyable watch. And with the series premise, it could still develop in plenty of ways and plenty of issue to tackle.”

“Alright Mr. Namhur. That’s the last question from your nominator. Thank you for your cooperation.” said the announcer while bowing. I express a relieve to hear that was the last question I had to answer. While there’s nothing actually bad about sticking around, but I much prefer at my comfy bedroom in front of my netbook watching korean cartoons.

“Okay. Can I go home now?”

“Not so fast Mr. Namhur. You still need to provide eleven random fact about yourself.”

“What!? I thought you say I can go home after I answer those darn questions!”

“Yes, but I didn’t say that was the end of it.” “Ow come on! Get me out of here!” “Not until this is all over.”

“Egghhh, fine! I’ll do this quick;

1. I’m full Indonese ethnically,

2. I’m more used to English rather Indonese for some reason,

3. I like Holywood movies better than whatever the heck my countries putting out,

4. I get jealous quite easy,

5. I spend more time on the internet than watching TV, 6.

I used to be really into Disney Sitcom,

7. I like to be overdramatic on things

8. I used to really like listening to Highschool Musical songs,

9. I really like being on anitwitter because it gives me a community to express my love for anime and cool smart people to talk with,

10. I tend to dislike ahead popular stuff that I don’t have interest about,

11. I still think Naruto is my favorite shonen.”

“Wow Mr. Namhur, I must say that is quite quick. I’m amazed”

“Sweet, now can I go home?”

“Nope. There’s still some procedure for you to do.”

“Ow come on! How many are they!?”

“This much,” said the announcer while showing me a folded paper.

“Huh, that’s not so-” I stop my sentences when he roll down the paper he was holding, revealing the full content.

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  • Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)
  • Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
  • Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)
  • Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
  • List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here.) Once you have written and published it, you then have to:
  • Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!).

“Okayyy, that’s quite a lot,” said I. “So I all need to do left is to nominate other people and ask them questions I provide myself right?”

“Yes Mr. Namhur. And I shall summon them here and proceed to do what I’ve done to you earlier.”

“Its useless for me to resist isn’t it?”

“Don’t we establish that a while ago Mr. Namhur? Besides, think of it as both opportunity to ask them something annnndd torture them at the same time.”

“Hmm, that sounds appealing now that you’ve put it that way,” said I. “Alright, I can’t get anywhere without doing this right?”

“A wise choice Mr. Namhur. Now please, provide your nominees.”

After some thinking about whom should I torture give the honor to answer a specific set of questions that I provide. I came to a conclusion. “Okay, I’ll nominate iblessall, whemleh, Novasylum, Kai and ZeroReq011

“Umm, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid Zero has been nominated by someone else.”

“Rats. Oh well, just think of it as a reminder for him to do this” I did that just for the kicks. I can imagine him calling me a bastard when he found out.

I’m so evil, I thought to myself while grinning mischievously.

“Alright Mr. Namhur, can you give me your question please?” Said the announcer while giving me a paper and a pen.

“Okay then.” The following is what I wrote.

1. What are your current occupation? (If you’re a uni student, please also mention your major and your uni.)

2. What is your future dream job?

3. What anime has ever disappoint you the most? (You when in with high expectation and then it crash and burn)

4. What anime has ever surprise you the most? (The opposite above)

5. Favorite non-anime movie and why?

6. Can you describe yourself with six words?

7. If there’s ever an anime that disgust you the most?

8. If you ever becomes a writer for a series, what will you write about?

9. What do you think is your most positive trait?

10. What tropes do you dislike the most?

11. Quick! Zombie apocalypse is happening! What anime character will you bring to your survival team? What are their roles?

“Alright all done Mr. Namhur. Thank you very much.” said the announcer. “Everybody give it up for MR. NAMHUR!!” The crowd cheers and applaud loudly at the end of “nomination”. Soon, a bright light shine through my eyes.

When I woke up, I found myself in my desk apparently asleep with a liter of saliva forming a pond and my netbook sitting at front. I found much time has pass since I enter that place which finally brings me to writing this post before I went to bed.

The End

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