I Got a Liebster

I think this is all started when I was on my home playing with my netbook after the usual boredom that is my everyday class.

As I get home, I get some lunch, open my netbook and started watching some anime. When I checked my Twitter however, it appears I’ve received two notification from my fellow novice blogger . The notifications in question, is that I’ve been nominated for something called Liebster Award along with this Icon. liebster2

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Thoughts on the Current Winter Anime Season 2015

Doing a weekly impression regarding the current airing anime’s aren’t exactly something that I wanted to do when I started this blog. I’m not really the type person who tend to analyze something as I watched. Its not something I’m quite used to do. Aside from that, I found it difficult at times to articulate what’s working for me and what’s not beyond the surface level (writing, direction, aesthetic etc.) or spotting themes a series are going for, given there are one. Which is why I mostly write about specific topic that I found interesting. Plus I often fell behind on the latest episodes.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try every now and then. Keep in mind that I won’t be doing this weekly, but I’ll go over some general thoughts about what interest me about the anime, what doesn’t and what’s my expectation on it. Do forgive me for my lack of taste due to the fact there’s little current airing anime I’m watching this season.

Anyway, here are my thoughts 🙂

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