The Anime Award 2014

During the end of 2014, to some degree, I feel the obligation to make a list about the best and the worst anime that I’ve watched that year only to find that I’m not quite good at articulating my feelings about said animes (as per usual). So in the end, I settled upon making a list about my top anime in twitter without any further elaboration why are they deserve to be in that list.

Now with 2014 behind us, looking back, I feel making a post about top anime ranking by the end of the year, is somewhat a usual/mainstream to do around aniblogsphere. So in my effort in becoming a hipster and also to some degree, to make up for not making a proper twelve days posts, I’ve decided to give you all my arbitrary pointlessly stupid award for all things related to anime in 2014.

So without any further ado, here are the awards ^ ^

Bestworst Loli Harem Anime Award: Black Bullet

Congrats Black Bullet for winning an award equivalent of winning gold medal in nosepicking your own sister’s nose olympic. Not only you’re the only competitor, you shouldn’t probably be doing that in the first place.

While I do regard Black Bullet as a decent action shounen despite several problem in writing aspect (i.e. tonal management, lack of compelling/engaging characters, trying to mash dark dystopic action with a romcom hijink with a result that you’d expect), it would be amiss for me to overlook one of the most ridiculous part of the series, which is the during the scene where our teenage protagonist Rentaro was surrounded and showered by the affection of bunch of  genetically modified underage girls.

No, I wish I was joking………

I mean, I thought both Enju and Tina’s crush on Rentaro was actually quite cute to see to some degree (outside the fact of its weird romcom hijink centered around it), but this is just….



Welp, hope you enjoy the image above because few minutes after that scene the girls were killed by a bomb to draw sympathy from the audience in one of the most phoned in way I’ve seen in media because God forbid, if you don’t feel sorry for those girls, you must be a horrible human being who likes throwing dirt toward an orphan and kicking baby seals off a cliff.

Best Trainwreck Award: Not Aldnoah

HAH! You’re expecting Aldnoah aren’t you, but it was me Di- annnnd I can’t continue that meme 😛

To be honest looking back, its not quite right to say that Aldnoah is a trainwreck because the real dealbreaking part of the series is for me, is the way it couldn’t make use of its solid foundation. The series itself is pretty consistent throughout up until that ludicrous finale (though it is amusing to watch Slaine be beaten by the writer).

So in the end, this award goes to a series that started out as an actually pretty fun action series centered around decent group of characters only it became more apparent that it’s focused more on the exploitation of female human body.

Yep its that one train anime that I refused to name…….

The Anime That Turn Me Into the Jaded and Cynical Side of Fandom Especially In Regards of “Magical Highschool” Subgenre LN Adaptation Award:  Seirei Tsukai

The year 2014 is also the year where I started keeping up with current simulcasting anime series. Back then I was a naive optimistic anime fan. Seirei Tsukai is also the first harem-action anime that I’ve watched. While I do have some reservation regarding its harem element, I don’t really mind as long as the show can put more focus on its action and plot, and keep its harem element somewhat “contained”.

And then the first episode gave me the classic naked girl scenario and an annoying red headed tsundere as a form for our formal greeting.

Unfortunately, the haremness doesn’t just stop there. When the series do get into the action/fights, not only they aren’t particularly exciting (mostly still and pans), the power used in those fights aren’t a whole lot creative either. Aside from our protagonist Kamito being somewhat a more asshole version of Kirito, which makes it a bit refreshing compared to our standard harem type leads, and has a secret that ties to overarching story, there’s really not much in Seirei Tsukai to compel me further.

Due to that also, it dawned upon me that most of these Harem-Action LN adaptation that set itself in any sorts of “Magical Highschool”, tend to focus more on Harem-Ecchi aspect of things. But I guess in a way, it makes my watching list easier because now at least I know what to expect on the upcoming Absolute Duo and World Break. The PV didn’t help much either.

Moe-est of the Moe Heroine Award: Chaika Trabant

There’s a lot to like in Hitsugi no Chaika, whether that was the solid action, endearing cast of characters or even its thematic exploration regarding post war identity crisis. One undeniable fact however, is Chaika has to be one of the most cutest and adorable heroine you’ve ever seen.

From her broken speech pattern, her characteristic being innocence personified and her endearing attitude, her entire character feels like it was designed to just make you want to cuddle, hug, take her home with you and dressed her as if she was a frickin barbie doll. Its also quite nice to see that she wasn’t just a mascot character that was there just to pander the audience, but an actual heroine that both drive the story, and helps out Tohru and Akari in battle from time to  time.

Anyway have some more Chaika being Chaika 😉


Biggest General Smug-Cunt-Asshole-Dick Award: Sora

File:Sora comanding Steph to fall in love.png

As a stark contrast to the loveable Chaika, here’s a character that you just want to break his spine and stuff his head inside of his own ass to see how much of an ass he is.

No Game No Life continues to be a somewhat divisive series for me. On one hand, I thought the anime itself is pretty fun and energetic if you watch it strictly as a pure entertaiment. On the other however, I have to admit the way the series panders to worst otaku/gamers stereotype its not something to be overlooked also (the ecchi fanservice is also much more malicious compared to your typical harem).

I already put out my opinion about Sora himself that he’s actually quite funny to see his antics for and also relatable to some degree. His devotion and love toward her sister Shiro in particular its quite cute and endearing. However it doesn’t change the fact that he’s:

a) Smug

b)  A gross pervert

c)  A general dick toward anyone but his sister (Steph in particular is his favorite abuse toy)

The Onii-sama Worship Award: Tatsuya Shiba

Of course you do

Among several problems concerning Mahouka, I’ve to say Tatsuya has to be one of the most ridiculous of it. Not only he has a personality of a robot and a charisma of a two feet block of polystyrene with a facial face drawn on it, he somehow can win everyone’s heart, guys and girls alike, and managed to get himself a harem comprised his classmate, his senpai and his OWN SISTER.

It doesn’t end there however, because the series sure does deeply in love with him. Aside from he’s seriously overpowered for inexplicable reason, he’s also a savior for almost any dangerous threat in this series and his dangerous worldview is viewed as correct. And don’t get me started on the fact that almost every single character praises him.

Which is why he’s probably one of the aspect of the series that was easy to make fun off….

Best Reaction Faces Award: Nisekoi

In the end, it still a mystery for me how Nisekoi becoming popular as it is now. I understand how some part of the series is so appealing, teasing and addicting, it still somewhat baffling on the account that the series somehow became one of the most popular title currently running on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

But it does makes a very good material for a humorous expression gallery XD


Marika best girl btw….

Glorious Face of Evil Award: Sword Art Online II

If there’s problem that’s really bugging me about Kawahara writing in SAO, is that he sure can’t make a compelling villain for crap. (Same thing with Accel World)

Kayaba is probably the closest to being interesting, but his villain in general is always cartoonish from Kuradeel to Sugou (which makes for a memorable evil face). What’s more ever since the Fairy Dance arc, its seem he began to often use rape as a cheap dramatic device.

Now with the second season upon it, the one who replace their position this time around was Kyoji-kun AKA the guy that Sinon friendzoned. So bask yourself in seeing terrifying face of a pig in a human clothing. (but seriously he does look like a pig in this one)

Sword Art Online


Best Public Service Episode Award: The Third Episode of Sekai Seifuku

Hands down one of the funniest, absurd and ridiculous episode I’ve seen in anime ever.

The episode itself started out pretty typical slice-of-life-ish. First it began with Kate intolerance toward smoker, then she began to take campaign against it and finally it escalate even further into a war between smokers and non-smokers.

There’s a lot of great humor in here. The Zvezda over the top seriousness of this campaign, their absurd effort to stop smokers only to cut back to Asuta politely ask a lady not to smoke and a running gag where Yasu was showered by water everytime he tried to smoke.

So remember kids, if you don’t want smokebusters to come at you, don’t smoke 😉

Worst Cop-out Episode Award: The Eight Episode of Inou Battoru

Pretty much sums up my reaction

Aaah Inou Battle. You’re pretty consistently enjoyable up to your sixth episode, until you gave us a potentially game changing conflict in a form of Hatoko outburst, only to make her lose memories about it the next episode and resolved it in a pretty half-hearted way, thus returning the status quo. What’s worst however is the way you cheaply resolved it by tying it to an aspect of the series that up to that point hasn’t even been the main focus i.e. the superpower war.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with this one to be honest.

And thus, ladies and gentlement, that concludes my silly little anime award for the year 2014. With that lets leave the year behind and hope for a better series that’ll come in our way

See ya 🙂


  1. whemleh · January 11, 2015

    That loli-bomb scene in Black Bullet. I physically groaned when they did that.

    Chaika cutest thing ever!


    • Namhur · January 11, 2015

      I’m not going to lie because it did got to me when they did that. But at the same time the entire event are just felt phoned in -_- #

      It still somewhat a tie between her and Tatsuya for me…


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