Food for Thought: Does Being Sad Over a Fictional Tragedy Bad?

Being a student who goes to school that uphold Islamic law, it was mandatory once a week for me to have a Tahfiz lesson in my class. Tahfiz is basically a memorization of Quran verse, so most of the time spend during those lesson was either memorizing Quran or our teacher preaching us or motivating us to do better. But there’s one statement that always bugs me coming from my Tahfiz teacher.

During one of his preach, when Palestine was attacked once again by Israel, he mentioned to us to be horrified of what Israel done to the Palestinian and not be fooled or be sadden over drama on television that was crafted purposely to induce sad feeling because compared to those, this was a real event.

For some reason, that statement really got me thinking.

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Berpikir Kritis di Jaman Modern

Dalam abad ke-21 atau jaman “modern” saat ini, perkembangan teknologi, baik itu di bidang sains, informatika dan lain-lain, semakin cepat berkembang dan semakin maju seiring berjalannya waktu. Saat ini kita sedang berada dalam masa yang orang-orang sering sebut sebagai “Jaman Informasi” yang disebabkan karena kemunculan Internet dan perkembangan media massa serta sosial yang juga merupakan perwujudan dan buah dari perkembangan teknologi.

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The Anime Award 2014

During the end of 2014, to some degree, I feel the obligation to make a list about the best and the worst anime that I’ve watched that year only to find that I’m not quite good at articulating my feelings about said animes (as per usual). So in the end, I settled upon making a list about my top anime in twitter without any further elaboration why are they deserve to be in that list.

Now with 2014 behind us, looking back, I feel making a post about top anime ranking by the end of the year, is somewhat a usual/mainstream to do around aniblogsphere. So in my effort in becoming a hipster and also to some degree, to make up for not making a proper twelve days posts, I’ve decided to give you all my arbitrary pointlessly stupid award for all things related to anime in 2014.

So without any further ado, here are the awards ^ ^

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