Twelve Days of DAL (#12): Hope and Reflection

This is the last post for my Twelve Days of DAL and i’ll probably going to talk about my hope for the series future and some reflection on having become it’s fan.

Like i said before, the main intrigue of this series for me is the mystery and where are they going to take us with it. Right now, i have no idea. This kind of thing is really make or break depending on what’s going to be revealed and how are they going to revealed it. So far though, it hasn’t been anything stupid.

There’s also a chance that it’s going to be convoluted and there’s going to be some loose ends, But i am just going to hope it’s going to end well and not dragged out for too long. Eleven volume is already quite long in my opinion. As for the upcoming movie, unless they changed the writing staff somehow, i won’t high hopes for it (and i am still not clear to what degree of influence supervisor has over this).

Being a fan of this series has become quite hard for the most part. While there are fans who was intrigue by the series mystery like i do, most of them are just reading/watching it for, from what i’ve seen:

a) “Ironically enjoy” watching it

b) Enjoying it as a guilty pleasure mess

c) The comedy

d) Tsunako-san character design

e) Kurumi (seriously you have no idea how large fanbase she had)

So it is quite saddening that not many enjoying it for the same reason i am enjoying it, especially the anime which i’ve listed the problems i had with it (particularly in aniblogsphere). The problem is, there’s also not much anybody who critique/analyze the series that goes beyond the Dating sim parody part or the heroines having cute/awesome design. They just slapped the harem label and that’s that.

But like i said in my other post, people have different value, want and expectation on each media they consumed, so they’re not wrong to judge it like that or watching this series for those reason. I mean the series do partly blamed for that as well from the way it promote itself into a romcom harem comedy. So it is feels weird for me to have an interest toward a harem series that’s beyond watching a tons of beautiful girl. Sometimes i think i am weird………

But then again, this is why i wrote about this and share it to you all. It’s so that i can sort out the reason why am i enjoying this series and so i can become a better critical thinker, writer and be more aware about the media i consumed. Hopefully, you can understand my POV for this series, though you’re free to disagree on several of my opinion and argue with me which part of this series of posts that you feels inadequate. Surprisingly, it’s also feels cathartic as well, especially after reading many negative reviews 🙂

Looking back as i write this, while i do mention a couple of times that Date a Live is a harem series, i am not sure about it to be honest. Lets make a comparison with the recent 2014 fall anime Inou Battle. Both series definitely have an element of a harem series and yet, when i tuned in to watch/read those series, my mind seems to refused to identify/relate the two series with a genre that’s about cute heroines surround, fall in love and fight over a hapless guy and watched those two series for that reason. I watched Inou Battle for their surprising human drama (though i admit i initially watched it for the comedy) and DAL for the reason i’ve mentioned in this twelve days.

Of course, i could be wrong about Date a Live. Is it actually just harem comedy that got serious for it’s own good? Is it just a silly retarded guilty pleasure mess? Who knows.

So by the end, that’s Date A Live. You may regard it only for those two reason i mentioned……

But Date a Live for me? I think it’s an interesting science fantasy with a mix of harem romcom element and so far, i am not ashamed to regard it like that because that’s just how i felt about this series.

Welp, that’s that. To close this off, it feels obligatory to reveal who’s the best girl in this series is for me. Anyway, you ready?

All right, here she is!!

HAH! Just joking, do i got you there?

Anyway, it’s her

Yep! Reine Murasame, the analyst officer of the Fraxinus. Congratulation! You’re the best girl in this series!

All right, see you around next time! COME AT ME FANBOYS :DDDDD

End notes:

– I wish there’s fighting game for this series. Kurumi will probably be overpowered though, so they have to nerf her somehow. Of course, i’ll be maining Shido.

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