Twelve Days of DAL (#11): The LN Part III

Volume 8

DAL v8 cov.jpg

Interestingly, this is the part where DAL became one part mystery and one part dates. Anyway, the short version is the new Spirit, Natsumi, decided to use her power to disguise herself into one of Shido’s acquaintances. If Shido failed to guess whom Natsumi disguise herself as, she’ll make all of them disappeared. In order to determine who it is, the Fraxinus crew decided to make Shido go on a date with each candidate and try inspect each of them if one of them behave out of character.

It’s actually quite a nice way to revisit/reacquaint us with the Spirits that Shido has sealed which is important considering the size of his harem grew larger for each passing volume. As for the mystery itself……..i am not familiar with mystery construction in a narrative to know if it’s well executed or not. But i do can say that the author gave enough clue in the scenario so readers could follow through in the reveal/resolution. Although it does relying on our characters reiterating the information that they should have known already in some parts.

Volume 9

DAL v9 cov.jpg

It’s the follow up from the volume 9 and you can pretty much tell they finally caught Natsumi. But the highlight for me is what happens afterward because this time around, the girls (sans Kurumi and Origami of course) are actually helping Shido gaining Natsumi’s trust. It’s also quite touching when Natsumi finally trust Shido and asked him to be her friend, the girls follow through and said they also will be her friends.

Volume 10

Third favorite volume. This one’s also full of action and plot progression, revealing more clues and mystery. I won’t spoil much, but what happened is Origami pretty much fed up and decided to kill all the Spirits through means i won’t tell. So yeah there’s a battle between her versus Tohka, the Yamai’s and Miku. There’s also another slight development in Tohka. It was shown that to some degree she symphatize/cared for Origami’s sake and even started calling her with her first name (usually full name)

Volume 11

Continuation of volume 10 and……..i have to say it’s kind of disappointing and underwhelming. I guess it’s just because i have to much hyped after the build up from the previous volume. But there still some good parts. Aside from another revelation, there’s actually quite a good teamwork between Shido and the Spirits. Not much to talk about without spoiling what happens in it more.

Encore 2

DAL vE2 cov.jpg

The second collection of side stories. This one though disappointingly, had a much more fanservice than the precious one and only some of them are translated, so i have to look up online to see what happened. If there’s one chapter that interest me the most is probably:

– Unidentified Brother: Kotori began to suspect Shido might actually wanted to change his gender for…..whatever reason. In order to find out if he’s still a healthy young teenage boy, she decided to have the Spirits reenact every cliche romcom scenario with him and see what his reaction are from Tohka playing childhood friend role and ask Shido to take a bath together, to the Yamai’s wearing……questionable clothes to seduce him (told you these two are walking fanservice). His reaction is probably what you’d expect. It’s rather silly chapter, but in some way it’s quite a nice jab at the asexual nature of Shido’s harem type protagonist i.e. the ordinary self insert one.

Welp, that’s all i could say about the LN, tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this twelve days 🙂

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