Twelve Days of DAL (#10): The LN Part II

Volume 5

(Hahahahaha nope, this volume’s not worth it)

My least favorite volume. The best i could say about the majority event that happened in this volume is DAL became what i feared it’ll become i.e. slice of life ecchi harem in its finest. So yeah, the fanservice here turn up to twelve. I know it’s useless to complaint about ecchi fanservice inside a harem series because it’s the main selling point, but it’s just not the main reason why i read this series.

Other than that, we got ourselves a new villain from the DEM industry and this is also where Shido began to able to manifest Angel. What’s interesting about the latter, is when Kotori and the head of Ratatoskr, Elliot, heard the news about it in the epilogue. He told Kotori to handle it should it goes out of hand and Kotori respond to it by saying if it comes to worst, she will kill Shido personally  o_O

Volume 6

DAL6 Cover.jpg

Honestly, there’s not much i could say about this volume. This is the beginning where the series dedicated two volume per girl, so what happens here is just mostly a build up for the next volume. The highlight in this volume for me is probably when Shido crossdressed to approach the spirit in this volume, Miku, which is somewhat amusing i guess. As for Miku herself, her attitude can be quite annoying. It’s the best i could say about her without going in

Volume 7

DAL v7 cov.jpg

My second favorite volume. What happens here is pretty much action from the beginning to the end. There’s another secret, Miku’s backstory was revealed and Shido turn up his charm once again. What’s odd however, was when Miku’s backstory revealed, it was narrated, not told from dialogue by Miku herself. The highlight for me, was when Shido manifesting Sandalphon again and fight his way through to the DEM building. Unfortunately, it’s quite short and didn’t go very long. Yes, i am still rooting for our MC.

Oh yeah, the fan favorite is also back if that’s interest you.

Encore 1

DAL vE cov.jpg

Date a Live Encore are pretty much just a collection of short story surrounding our characters daily live. It’s mostly comedic slice of life. The few chapter that interest me most was:

– Origami Impossible: This one is actually adapted into an OVA that came out last year along with Tohka Gamer Center. What interest me the most in this story, is that Shido actually tries to break up with Origami. Of course, being a wuss and feel guilty because he “tricked” her from thinking he likes her, he decided to do it in the most round about way, and that is being horrible to her as possible. But Origami being……. well Origami, she’ll obliged to what ever it is Shido ordered her to do. The ending was amusing. It’s quite saddening that they have to uphold the status quo though, then again, this is a side story and a harem series so………

– Yoshino Firework: Yoshino uses her dating right (volume 4) to make Shido took her into summer festival to see fireworks. Feeling left out, Tohka reluctantly let the two of them went on their date. Feeling bad, Yoshino took Tohka as well. It’s mostly cute slice of life and i found it quite adorable that Tohka tries all her might not to bother or let anyone (Origami) disturbed Shido and Yoshino’s date. She’s such a child really….

– Kurumi Star Festival: This one was also adapted into an OVA that came out…….this month actually. Shido ran into Kurumi during Tanabata festival and she decided to took him on a date. The date was entertaining, but what got me was the ending. I have to say its……quite a heart wrench. Though that’s probably because i was already invested with the characters, but who knows, give it a shot.

That’s all i could say about the volume that was adapted into the second season. Next time i’ll talk about the volume that hasn’t been animated yet.

See you soon 🙂

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