Looking Back on the Year 2014

In just a few days, we’re going to left behind 2014 and enter 2015. Which means more hardships and struggle for many us coming in real life, but of course, new wave of anime title are also coming.

I don’t quite exactly know how to do some retrospective look on anime this past year, but E-minor set of question might be good place to start. I’ll probably to just going to answer several of them. Okay then, here it is.

1.) What was your overall favorite anime of the year?

Hmmm, its somewhat a tie between Ping Pong and Gundam Build Fighters. But GBF resonates emotionally more to me or to be precise, my inner child self due to the overall exuberance, charm and energy. I know Ping Pong is somewhat more of a critically acclaimed considering its stylish purposeful animation, well crafted story that fits eleven episodes and its well humanized character, but I still prefer GBF because that show was just a blast from start to finish 🙂

2.) What was your favorite action anime of the year?

I didn’t really watch much action anime this year, but the new Fate Stay Night if it can keep up its quality. The action is an eye candy to watch and the characters are pretty solid. The writing is a mix bag though.

3.) Comedy?

Amagi Brilliant Park. Its pretty much the only comedy that I consistently watch this year. Its just a slapstick comedy executed right (most of the time)

4.) Harem?

Date a Live II. I still watched it because I am somewhat curious how are they going to adapted volume 5-7 despite the fact I was disappointed by the first season. I liked it because the content from the LN that I liked being animated, but the adaptation itself was…….meh.

5.) Mecha?


Okay I know its a gunpla, but still. Just in case it doesn’t count however, I guess Aldnoah/Zero. Its the only mecha i watched this year or at least that I remember watching. The anime is pretty disappointing and I already gave some of my thoughts about A/Z. 

6.) Slice of life?

I also don’t watch much of this, but does Inou Battle count? I liked some of its comedy and the characters are pretty endearing and likeable (Andou’s my favorite). It is somewhat disappointing recently.

7.) Sports?

Ping Pong for the reason above.

8.) Supernatural/Horror? 

Parasyte. I like Shinichi and Migi, and the way they develop throughout the series. Its also pretty well executed thriller and it have some interesting themes regarding human and animal.

9.) What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?

Anything ecchi related is something that I definitely want to see less every year. As for what genre that I like to see more of, definitely urban fantasy/mystery like Durarara or Persona 4.

10.) Which anime was underrated?

No Game No Life. Well not exactly underrated considering its ranking on MAL are pretty high, but I was quite surprise that most of anibloggers (that I know anyway) quite hate the series due to the whole escapist power fantasy. I mean despite the subtext, I thought the anime was quite fun and energetic. Sora was an asshole, but he’s quite funny in some parts and have some relatability to a degree. But yeah, the ecchi fanservice are just annoying and intrusive, and personally, bog the whole experience for me. Granted, I only noticed the whole escapist power fantasy when some anibloggers point it out because i was quite bad at reading subtext. But I don’t know, I just think its something that’s not really to think about deeply if you just want to enjoy the experience, personally. Am I all right guys? 😦

11.) Which anime surprised you the most?

Inou Battle. Started out as a school club comedy that involve supernatural hijink into a human drama about chuunibyo.

12.)Which anime disappointed you the most?

Aldnoah and I already made a post about it. I should really started to adjust my expectation for the second season.

13.) Which anime should get a do-over?

And again, Aldnoah. But with Urobuchi writing the whole script and probably give the whole production to ufotable.

14.) What was the most memorable scene of the year?

15.) What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?

Most likely our critical darling anime, Mushishi. Ping Pong also probably, but the series is pretty underwatched. Soooo, I don’t know.

16.) What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

Probably Oregairu second season. I also quite curious on how ufotable will adapt Gods Eater considering how well they did so far with FSN and I actually played GE before. But its not clear if its going to be broadcast next year, so I am pretty hesitated putting it here.

17.) And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?

Because I love them! They’re quite diverse medium and they have some interesting story to tell.

Okay with that done, i’ll probably going to just ramble off about my future and my past just a bit.

Starting next year, I also need to decide my future after I graduated from highschool (if I will graduate that is). So what college am I going into or whether if I will go to college, still somewhat left me hanging for me.

This year had also been ups and downs for me. There’s some happy moments, sad moments and downright depressing moments. Of course, in order for us as a human being to evolve and to develop, we need to struggle, and we constantly changing and improving ourselves, whether that be our psyche or even our own worldview.

The world around us can be outright harsh and cruel, and it’s very easy to slip into the slope of despair. Deep down though, I wanted to believe in a single small light of hope that we are going to breakthrough of any hardships. SOMEHOW, we are going to able to do it. And we’ll prove that time and again through next year, and the year after that, and so on. We’ll show the good value of us as a human being again and again, and no matter what bad things that could happens, I’ll always try to find any single hope i can cling on to. I’ll probably not going to make it, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

I am going to always try to improve myself in any way and I also going to help others to do so. Whether that be through my future job or the very blog post that I wrote in every single moment to inspire changes for any of you who read this. To become more self aware, more critical and finally, to reach understanding of our human nature. Because ultimately, that’s my dream.

So lets do this together. Bring on the new year!


  1. Frog-kun · December 22, 2014

    To become more self aware, more critical and finally, to reach understanding of our human nature.

    Beautiful. There’s really no better reason to do blogging – or anything, really.

    Also, I had no idea you loved Gundam Boyfriends so much! Man, I should really get round to watching it now, despite only being a casual Gundam fan at best. You can still enjoy it even if you don’t get the references, right?


    • Namhur · December 22, 2014

      Thank you and really? Gundam Boyfriend? Lol XD

      I already made a post about GBF which I planned to publish after the twelve days and yeah you don’t need to be familiar about Gundam franchise to enjoy the anime. GBF are pretty much a kids sport show centered around gunpla, but I dare to say that GBF is almost like an anime series version of Lego Movie.


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