Twelve Days of DAL (#6): The Characters Part III

V. Kotori Itsuka

The little sister. The best way i could say about Kotori’s personality was that she’s bipolar (not in actual medical sense of course). When wearing her white ribbon, she’s the personification of every little sister fantasy out there. Cute, easily scared and reliant toward her brother. But when she put on her black ribbon, she’s bossy, haughty and somewhat a bit of a tsundere.

She was recruited by Ratatoskr after the incident that occurred between her, Shido and Phantom (which i made a fanfic about). The black ribbon was actually Shido’s present for her ninth birthday along with the hope that Kotori will became a stronger person by wearing it (Kotori was supposedly a crybaby at the time). In other words the black ribbon persona are pretty much just her trying to put up a strong front. Both of her devotion and love to her brother was quite endearing personally and i still found the scene where Kotori hug Shidoout of worry and fear after he went to Yoshino’s ice dome to save Yoshino to be quite touching.

Also one of the best imouto character in animu.

VI. The Yamai Twins

My least favorite spirits and also the focus of my least favorite arc (you know what i just despise it). Anyway, the name Yamai were originally belonged to one Spirit. However at some point, they got separated as two. Ever since then the twins, Kaguya and Yuzuru, decided to compete themselves againts each other in order to find to out who’s worthy of the title the real Yamai. In the end Shido kissed and sealed both of their powers at the same time preventing them from having to kill each other and allow both of them to live.

The two are pretty much walking fanservice if you can’t tell already from their astral dress design. Kaguya (the short haired one) is cheerful, energetic and also a chuuni. Yuzuru (the long haired one) is stoic, calm and also the more intelligent of the two. Technically speaking, they’re both half of character.

Its also interesting how both Kaguya and Yuzuru represent Yamai as a whole if we a look at the character design.

Kaguya has chain and manifest wings on the right side of her body, paralleling right hemisphere of the brain which mostly associated for creative, artistic function and most importantly, ImaginationThis fits her well considering her chuuni tendency, you know that she has a LOT of imagination.

Yuzuru meanwhile has chain and manifest wings on the left side of her body, paralleling left hemisphere mostly associated for language production and logic. Paralleling her almost lack of emotion and her HK 47-like speech pattern. Also for the fact she is smarter than Kaguya.

VII. Miku Izayoi

The fifth Spirit. Miku’s for the most part, during volume 6, was characterize as spoiled, self centered, childish brat and manipulate others using her Spirit power to do her bidding. Men became her slave, while women became her doll. Because she’s lesbian, the Fraxinus crew (amusingly enough) decided to crossdressed Shido in order to approach her. Attracted at Shiori (Shido’s girl name) for resisting her power of hypnotize, she’s decided that she really wanted her. Uuuuunnnfortunately, she discover Shiori’s real gender and went into a fit of rage.

It was revealed that she was originally human and the reason for her distrust for people in general (yes including girls) was due to the fact that she was betrayed by her own fans out of false scandal during her earlier idol debut. She’s stressed out to the point of losing her voice. And that’s pretty much where Phantom comes in.

Interestingly, her power to hypnotize and manipulate others goes in line with her own struggle unlike the other Spirits (sans Natsumi).

VIII Natsumi


Another loli on to Shido’s harem. I found her arc (Volume 8 and 9) to be quite interesting in terms of content. She have almost the same problem Yoshino have i.e. inferiority complex. Differences are, she’s more self loathing and she’s idealized herself using her own transformation power and transform her to the fake adult form in the volume 8. In a way, she’s very attention seeker which makes sense considering her age.

Okay, that’s all i can talk about regarding the girls. Continuing this next time

See you soon 🙂

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