Twelve Days of DAL (#5): The Characters Part II

Okay, this time i am going to talk about the meat of this series, the girls. For realsies.

Like i said before, the girls are largely archetype. However, i liked the fact on it was used in a quite different context, so they feels quite different. And to some degree the girls do have independence’s and not solely define around being in loved with Shido. In fact, there are quite couple of times where the girls actually help him.

I am only going to go over their general personality and perhaps touched upon some interesting thing i found about them.

Oh yeah, just a bit of a warning, there’s probably a potential spoiler, so proceed with caution.

And with that, lets get into it.

I. Tohka Yatogami

Tohka’s your typical cheerful, bubbly, childish archetype. She’s the first Spirit Shido came into contact with. Her childish persona are largely stem from her naive, obliviousness and lack of self aware about the world and her own existence (also her feelings). That’s why she felt sad and confused when the AST started attacking her ever since she appeared to the world, because she didn’t know what she ever did wrong. Thus, she felt isolated.  She’s also one of two girls who really clingy toward Shido and prone to jealousy because of her naivete and childishness. Also for the fact that Shido’s being the first human that ever literally tries talking to her and accepted her. Her affection toward him feels more of a puppy love. She does get a development throughout the series. Not much, but it’s there.

Oddly enough, among all of other the spirits, she’s the only one who doesn’t have any name. Tohka is the name Shido gave her based on the date their met each other the first time. While it wasn’t becoming an important plot point later on, i think it’s to emphasize her lack of self awareness and innocent nature.

Also bonus point for the chuuni last name that Reine, the analyst officer of Ratatoskr, came up for her XD

 II. Origami Tobiichi

Origami is somewhat a Rei Ayanami clone, but on the exception that she’s possesive and also a stalker. Due to her parents was murdered by a Spirit, she join AST for the sake of revenge. You can pretty much guess that she bear a deep hatred toward Spirits. She’s also mysteriously recognize Shido when they met during the first day of the second year, the reason why was only explained during the event of volume 11. She’s one of the two girls who’s clingy toward Shido because he’s supposedly her emotional crutch due to reason explained in said volume. This also makes her became somewhat Tohka’s rival and she does parallel her in number of way:

1) Tohka being a Spirit and Origami being a human belong to AST.

2) Tohka being naive and oblivious while Origami intelligent and manipulative to some degree.

III. Yoshino

She’s the second spirit that Shido encountered. Her arc in the anime is also the one most butchered. She’s shy, insecure and have problem communicating. Yoshinon (the rabbit doll on her hand) do most of the talking especially during her arc. Supposedly, Yoshinon is somewhat her ideal self, her hero. Yoshinon’s what Yoshino wants to be because she doesn’t like herself. She’s spends most of the time running from the AST instead of fighting back because she knows that people don’t like hurtful thing as much as she does.

Interestingly, it was revealed Yoshinon isn’t just some kind of her imaginary friend, it was also her different persona altogether or alter ego projected through the doll. Yoshinon was created not only as her pain taker from confronting AST, but also her power limiter and sanity keeper to prevent herself from going berserk and killing anyone. So when Yoshinon talks and take over, Yoshino’s heart was closed, which is why her power wasn’t sealed when Shido accidentally kissed her and she can’t even remember that it happened.

She does have some development, like in volume 3 where she tries to greet both Shido and Tohka with a loud and clear voice and in volume 10 where she tries to befriend Natsumi, the new spirit whose power are already sealed by Shido. They’re minor, but appreciated on the fact it shows that the girls have agency/independence. Unfortunately she didn’t do much from volume 3 and 5-6.

IV. Kurumi Tokisaki

Arguably fan favorite. She’s the third spirit that Shido’s encountered and also the one who hasn’t been sealed by him yet. She’s crazy, psychopathic and also a teaser for the most part. She’s also represented Shido’s nightmare i.e. an evil spirit who murder people with her own two hand. She’s also has mysterious agenda of her own on why she wants to “eat” Shido.

Okay, i think that’s enough for today. Continuing this on to part three…

End Notes:

– Yatogami can be translated as “Night Sword of God”. If that’s not chuuni i don’t know what is.

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