Twelve Days of Anime (#2): The Reveal

Okay, i think its time to reveal what is the series i am talking about on earlier post.

Keep in mind this is only going to be the reveal of the series that i am going talk about. The “analysis” and the thought i had about the series itself will begin starting next post (a bit cheating, i know). Hopefully, i’ll be able to articulate clearly why i find myself interested with this series and also you’ll understand my point of view.

All right, you guys ready? Are you excited? Are you hyped? Because this is going to be the series i am going to talk about for the next ten day or so.

Well, here it is…!



Yep! It’s Date a Live!

A light novel series written by Tachibana Koushi, illustrated by Tsunako and published in Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. The anime adaptation was produced by AIC+ and began airing from spring 2013 and licensed by Funimation. The second season began on spring 2014, but it was produced by Production IMS, also licensed by Funimation. There’s also a movie adaptation announced for this series, but so far there hasn’t been any follow up news.

So what do you think? Is it predictable? Unexpected? Or are you already intent to close this tab and unfollow my blog?

Just in case you haven’t heard about the series or already try to forget it in your mind, here’s a brief summary.

Ever since thirty years ago, a strange phenomenon known as spatial quake began to happen around the world, causing destruction. Our protagonist, Shido Itsuka who lives with his foster sister, Kotori, has just began to enter his second high-school year. However a spatial quake began to showed up on his hometown, prompting every citizen to evacuate to the emergency shelter. Shido checked his sister location through his cellphone GPS, only to found out she hasn’t evacuated yet. Fearing for her safety, she decided to go out and looked for her.

Right when he was in the middle of the city, a spatial quake suddenly occurred, knocking him away. On the center of where it occurred, he saw a beautiful mysterious girl dress in a strange armor. Not long after that, a group of mech soldier appeared and started to attack the mysterious girl. Among those soldier, there’s Origami, Shido’s new classmates that seems to know and met him before. When Origami and the girl clashes, the shock wave blew Shido away, knocking him unconscious.

When he woke up, he find himself on a strange place and later he found out that he was brought onto a large airship named Fraxinus and found that Kotori is apparently the commander of the ship.

She explains that the mysterious girl is a being known as Spirits, a creature who’s the main cause behind the spatial quake and the mech soldier that fight against her was from a group named AST, whose main goal was to eliminate Spirits in order to prevent said destruction. Kotori then explains she was from the organization Ratatoskr, who aim to help the Spirits and provide them a way to live in the world without making havoc. In order to do this, Kotori enlist Shido’s help. The catch? He needs to make the Spirits fall in love him and then seal their power by kissing them.

Yep, you read that right.

Also keep in mind, i liked this series not because i think it’s trashy stupid retarded fun, nor because i think it’s a loveable guilty pleasure mess. I liked this series because i think it’s genuinely good and interesting despite it’s flaws. Not great, but good and interesting.

Is it actually deep though?

We’ll find out, so tune in next time! 🙂

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