Twelve Days of Anime (#1): Introduction

For whatever reason on aniblogsphere, there seems to be a tradition of posting twelve post consecutively throughout December up until Christmas. Being a person that has nothing better to do instead of contribute something to society, i decided to join in on the fun 🙂

But what i ask myself? What will i post throughout those twelve days?

Then i think back upon what aniblogger Frog-kun and Bobduh says on their respective post. That people have different reaction toward art and each of them resonate differently with people, no matter how shitty or trashy it is and there’s no difference if their supposedly “high” or “low” art either.

And then i think to myself upon a certain series that i have certain interest over. The series in question itself have…..mixed reaction at best. But there’s just something about that series that i find to be unique and interesting, no matter how many people say how dumb it is.

So, for the sake of making me a better critical thinker and also trying to prove what Frog-kun and Bobduh says, i decided to dig in more onto the series i have interest over. At the end, i found the answer why and more surprisingly! And i’ve decided to share it all to you, dear readers.

The general rules are actually just posted moments in anime that profound you throughout this year whether it was bad or good. Buuuuuuuutttttttt, i’ve decided to screw the rule and just use it as an excuse to talk about the series that i have interested over. Never one for tradition anyway.

Why? Because i like being quirky ^ ^

Okay, sorry for the lame joke. But the feeling i had for this series is quite puzzling. Despite the obvious problem that it had, there’s just something that piqued me, something intriguing. After many people dismiss and just mock this series, i feel compelled to give my analysis of why i like it. Hopefully, you’ll understand why.

All right, i think that covers the intro for this Twelve Days of Anime. Tune in next time to find out what series i am talking about.

Until then, see you around 🙂

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