The Value of “Bad” Series

Odd i know

Story is an equivalent of a clockwork with many of its parts such as cogs, gear, nuts and bolts etc, fitting their position in order to serve their purpose. In the case of clockwork it was there to tell us what time it is. In the case of story, the purpose was either to convey message/theme the author wants to tell or just simply to entertain it’s consumer. A “bad” series is pretty much the same as non working clockwork i.e. a failure product. And from every failed work there’s always something to learn about it.

As such in some way i always felt there’s at least some value on examining any story that we read or watch in our live regardless of what we think about them, as long as it wasn’t morally repulsive, but that’s another thing. Hence, the reason why am i writing this for you right now.

To jump straight to the point,  i am just going to say this. Analyzing a “bad” series can be just as rewarding in fact more so than watching a “good” series.


OK, settle down now, before you click that cross mark on your web browser tab. Let me explain.

When watching a “good” series,  sometimes for the inexperienced mind (including me)  the parts and elements behind its creation fit so perfectly and serve it purposes for the whole thing to the point where we don’t know why and how they managed to work the way they did, thus making it hard to analyze. In a “bad” series,  the way of all the pieces work as whole isn’t as cohesive and when it does, the part where it doesn’t work will stuck out, making it easier to analyze and to point out what the problems are.

Note that this is especially particularly useful especially if you want to be both a better writer and a critical thinker.

So while a “good” series is definitely important as both an inspiration, references and an example of a well crafted works for a writer. Through a “bad” series, they can learn on the basics of things or more appropriately on how not to do things and figure how they should avoid making those problem.

This is basically how i think a “bad” series could be useful for. When we simply dismiss something as “lame” or “sucks” and make no attempt at digging further why, you kinda missing the opportunity on not only learning on how a craft work, but also be more understanding or critical on the way of things.


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